Paddington VS Winne-the-Pooh from Jenny T on Vimeo

Please view in HD as sound quality is much better. We had around 10 days to research and then create two outcomes visualising data. Whilst I’m fairly happy with the outcome there are many things I would change/add given more time. Anyway, I imagined in a world of games, storybook characters decided to up their anny and to get themselves known, jumped into a world of 8-bit madness.

Hope you guys like.
Cedits to and for the soundtrack and sound effects.


4 thoughts on “Finally

  1. blogger says:

    What does it actually in the writing?

    • blogger says:

      actually say* (sighs)

      • That’s alright, typos are always annoying! It’s stats refering to each character, so when they first appeared (i.e when they were created), Toughest Fact, (Pooh getting stuck in a tree, Paddington being orphaned by an earthquake), Media (what films, books, tv shows they’ve been in etc), and their favourite food, (Pooh Honey and Paddington Marmalade). Points are awarded for whoever trumps the other fact, apart from the food, that was just me being biased. Ha!

  2. edanwebster says:

    aww i love whinnie the pooh he wins in cuteness imo!

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