Animals are beautiful

Please click to see the full image, again, for better quality.

Animals are beautiful strange things, some stranger than others, but nonetheless beautiful. I’ve always been interested in weird creatures, and so for one of my projects I created an Infographic inspired by vintage animal illustrations you always see in dusty old books down the dark corner of the library you never knew existed.  It was great fun splicing and cutting up images, the Okapi being a particular favourite. It interesting to think that not to long ago these creatures were thought to be hoaxes or made of myths. These strange, Frankenstein-like peculiar animals with mismatching body parts must have baffled many an explorer. So, I took this idea literally, and grabbed a load of vintage animal imagery (a great site being one featured on my resource links; check it out!) and merged them together to create the final piece.

Possibly, the hardest thing about creating this image was the large variation of quality between each of the original images I cut from. Some were deliciously high res, but some were unfortunately low res. This made editing hard, so if I had more time I would definitely try and find more high res images to work with.


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