Moving On

My Mum always said that in order to truly appreciate the highs, you must crawl through the lowest points in your life. As a child I thoroughly disregarded this information because I was lucky enough not to have terrible childhood, mind you, there were problems, but overall, I was sheltered from many of life’s tragedies. It was only till I got older did I realise that the world could be cruel, however, like I said in the previous post, there are also some wonderful things and people out there.

Things are still a bit hectic around here, so I appreciate everyone’s patience. I’m at my lowest point, I think, I’ve been in a long time. I won’t go into to much detail, I believe that the internet is not a place for personal woes. Some may disagree but that’s just my opinion. Despite this things are looking up, I’m saying good bye properly to my old flat tomorrow. On the left is my old flat, with the carpet stripped and the wallpaper scraped off, it had a strange emptiness to it. However, I recently invested in a bike as I can’t afford to drive and I’m quite looking forward to cycling. I haven’t ridden since I was a kid and childish excitement and glee have slowly crept back into my life. I thought this would make a good contrast in my photograph which I took with my phone (back when I had one) and I suppose it’s a reminder that, even when you reach the bottom, things can only get better.


4 thoughts on “Moving On

  1. Always hate to hear someone express that they feel like they’ve hit a low point, Lord knows I’ve expressed the same senitment from time to time. And no one wants to hear something trite like “Keep your chin up, things’ll get better.”

    But there IS some truth to the whole ‘Law of Attarction’ business: stay positive, or at least cautiously optimistic, and it will draw some brighter days.

    Great photo, BTW.

    • Thank You. I know when someone tells you that ‘things will get better’ they have good intentions and it’s good to hear it from other people; but I honestly think you have to make yourself believe it in your own way, otherwise someone just telling you it does make it seem a bit trite. Hence the ‘Law of Attraction’ it has truth because you believe in it yourself. Either that or ignorance is just bliss.

      Cheers, it’s always good to read compliments about my work. 🙂

  2. […] some of my older followers will know I had a tough time earlier in the year with everything around me, and I invested in a bike as, well, I suppose as a way of symbolising […]

  3. Lane says:

    Reading this entry, a song popped into mind… (for some reason songs always pop to my mind… they do say the mind is the first thing to go. Egads). It’s an old one, a bit dated by new wave trends in the 80s, but it always brought me encouragement. May it encourage you too! Or leave you smiling at my poor taste in music 🙂

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