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So, how lucky do you think you are? Are you one of the 72% which carry or own a lucky object? In tie in with my book about people’s lucky items I created an infographic just showing a few facts. The statistics I found were quite interesting, and it was fun creating them. However, I tried and used a place called and whilst it was fairly easy to use and the graphics (albeit small collection) were well designed; it saved as a jpeg. This proved slightly challenging when inserting into InDesign as I can only presume there wasn’t enough high quality resolution as the image began to get pixalated very easily. Either that or font/typeface when converted into a jpeg is always tricky to use. So, for now anyway, I had to reject the infographic from my book and see what else I can use in my double page spread.


4 thoughts on “Rejection

  1. *Very* much looking forward to seeing the final product, it’s a fascinating concept!

  2. tracycembor says:

    I love the survey stats. “I don’t think I’m superstitous, but I’m going to carry around this rabbit’s foot and St. Christoper medallion just in case.” 😉

    • Haha! I take it you may be a non-believer? I agree some things are rather odd to think they behold some magical power, but then I keep little bits and bobs ethier on me or around me, but I guess that’s more for sentimental purposes rather than for superstitous reasons.

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