Finishing Touches

Book Title

“Do you believe in luck? Do you have a lucky charm that you carry with you at all times? Or do you have a pair of old socks which you believe to have godly, supernatural powers? If so, you are not alone. Whether you think that shiny rock you randomly picked up off the floor the day you got that dream job holds the key to your future, or whether you just think luck is for the foolish; this book is for you. This tongue-in-cheek collection of people and their lucky items can either provide solace for fellow believers or a source of merriment for those that do not.”

Hope everyone has had a great Christmas, I know I have. The above is the title and blurb for my upcoming book, I appologise for those that dislike swearing, I like to try and keep things as family friendly as possible, but in all honesty, I wasn’t planning on aiming this book for children. I have now ‘completed’ the book and it’s now off to the printers, so looking forward to it arriving! There’s only going to be one made so far as I want to see how it prints, see if there’s any rewrites needed ect before perhaps considering to go fully public. So these are just little teasers for now until the final physical version has arrived at my doorstep for reviewing. After all, I only want the best. As with most things, you are probably most critical of your own work so I can only presume once it arrives there will be many adjustments and ammendments to be had, but for now I am happy with the product so far. Again, thanks to my models and thank you to all your support.

P.S Sorry for low res image below, again, I am wary of posting images of my friends/participants online, despite them knowing the images will be used for public consumption. Hope you will understand.

Lucky Fkers Cover


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