As a student I also have a job in retail, so I guess you could say I notice all the ‘popular’ trends and what’s suppose to be considered ‘fashionable’. Now, I don’t know what it’s like in other countries, but here in England, we clearly have an ongoing affair with moustaches (Mustache if you’re American), owls and the abbreviation YOLO. Granted, it is just mainly moustaches and owls but I’ve seen a fair amount of YOLO merchandise creeping into my workplace.

For those that don’t realise the terrible extent of this epidemic, in my workplace alone (not counting any other stores/websites/home etc) I have seen the image of a moustache/owl/YOLO on t-shirts, vests, leggings, pjs, jumpers, dresses, jumper dresses (yes) necklaces, braclets, rings, earrings, hoodies, lip balms, hand warmers, purses, pencil toppers, lavender smelling things which you microwave and go to bed with, gloves/mittens, headbands, mugs and a soap gift set.

One store.

Now I like moustaches, prefer beards, but that’s a different conversation altogether. I did giggle and smile when Movember rolled round and the first few t-shirts and funny mugs started popping up, hell I even brought a few myself. Do I want to decorate my sandwiches with moustache sandwich picks, whilst sitting on my moustache cushion, wrapped up in my moustache duvet covers and listening to my music on my moustache headphones? (These are all available look it up!)

I like owls too. They’re majestic creatures and an important part of British Wildlife. Which is why I don’t need to see them being plastered over a reusable toliet seat cover or a pair of knickers.

I never liked YOLO.

I’m sure everyone gets my point, I’ve got nothing really against the original image, and maybe a few things are ok, but when it gets to a stage where the most irrelavant items are being used to try and squeeze money out a fad it all just gets a bit silly. The thing is though, is that people are buying it.

(The top image is just a warm up illustration which inspired my rant. I wouldn’t be surpised if something like that turned up on a jumper, we’ve already got a cat with a moustache, tophat combo.)


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