…and the awkward moment when you find money that doesn’t belong to you. So first things first, the above is a .gif (click for full/actual size) I made for a project in which we were given a logo and had 25 frames to subvert it in anyway you like. I got given the Natwest logo, which, for those that do not know is a one of the major bank companies, particularly in England. Being a major corporation and with a logo with a somewhat hidden triangle, it seemed obvious that it was part of the illuminati crew, and so I set out to uncover it’s secret ways. Ha, if only, I don’t really know about all this illuminati business, whether it’s real, shaping our lives, brainwashing us or not but either way, if they are; they’re doing a pretty damn good job of it. Arguably, perhaps freedom is just an illusion, perhaps our lives are all pre-determined by some secret society, perhaps not, but so far, if they are they’ve not made themselves so obvious which I think has got to take some smarts. People can only point fingers, but the reality is no one has yet got solid evidence about what this group is all about.

Anyway, on the tenuous link of banks and money, very recently a work mate and I found £10 (Apparently equal to approx. $16) on the floor in the children’s section of our clothing store that we both worked in. After the initial high of finding free money, it suddenly dawned to us that just sliding it into the back of our pockets was a moral minefield. I mean we knew it wasn’t our money, we weren’t the ones dropping money on the shop floor, but unlike a credit card, phone or wallet, there was no way to track the orignial owner. Plus, given the fact it was found in the children’s section of a store we reasoned that it was probably some poor child’s pocket money or hardworking parent that had lost it. We then questioned whether we should hand it to higher authorities, but what was a policeman going to do about it? Start a search party for just £10? Besides, lacking in policeman to hand it into anyway, we then figured maybe handing it to management, but after much deliberation decided against that. Either management would pocket the money themselves or most likely, it would end up going into the actual company’s account. Perhaps the latter would have been the most neutral solution but the reality is, who would do that? Any arguements for that were quickly drowned out by the voice that said ‘finders keepers, losers weepersI mean, we found the money, even it was found in a company workplace.

In the end, I told her that it was up to her with what she did with the money and left her to it.

She was £10 richer that day.


4 thoughts on “Illuminati

  1. Nice work on that .gif!

    You did the right thing with the money, BTW. You might seem a little poorer for having not kept it, but karma has a way of keeping track of these things.

    • Thanks Michael, always had a love hate relation with all things that animate. The editing process is arduous but the final outcome is what makes me persevere.

      Haha! I am glad you said that, whilst I wish no bad fortune on my work colleague, my brother thinks I am a fool for not taking the money. I shall tell him karma will get him.

  2. Great design and I like the interracial idea. I went to a funeral in a Black neighborhood and it goes against my invisible man motif. If you enjoy attention, different is good. Shy types can get in awkward situations.

  3. The money…what would you have done if you didn’t find it together? I agree with the karma remark. Paying the tenner to your colleague is actually paying it forward. Good call. besides; if the sh1t hits the fan you are golden 😉

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