Fast Food Art


So, I suppose unintentionally keeping with the fast food theme, here’s some logos I designed for a seperate brief. For this one we were grouped with other members from different ‘Media and Design’ related courses, such as Creative Advertisement (notorious for being a rambunctious lot but nevertheless great fun), Textiles (an oestrogen filled course reknowned for their bitchiness  inclination towards gossip) and Spatial Design (a quiet lot but perhaps they are more interested in their surroundings). We were then asked to take something from modern day e.g Facebook and put it in any country and/or time period of our choosing. My group chose to place Mc Donalds in 18th Century Greece. Which brings us to the logos, which I had the responsibility of designing. I argued that if we were to place Mc Donalds in our time period it would be very unlikely that it would even be called that considering it’s a Scottish (I think) surname. So, we came to the conclusion of Hermes, which was the greek messenger and the ‘trickster’ which I found an appropiate substitute for the clown/trickster mascot Ronald McDonald as well. I thought it would also be nice for a subtle referance to McDonalds, which is why I included the Golden Arches a la Greek Style.

Speaking of fast food art I have felt the slight pressure of posting on a more regular basis. I mean, no one has actually said, “geeze Jenny, but I really think you should be posting on a more regular basis”, however, I have heard from around the grape vine that this is a more encouraged format. But is it really? I mean, do you, the audience care? For me, what ever comes up on my reader, I will er, read. I don’t really notice if a blogger has missed their Monday-ly post and stop following them. Or maybe that’s just me. Mind you, I’m not slandering any dedicated souls who stick to regular postings, in fact I probably admire them more for being much more organised. I guess regardless I will always be that spasmodic blogger who’ll pop up on your reader when you least expect it. Less to do with the fact that I’m not organised and more to do with the fact that blogging for me is one of my escapes in life. I deal with a lot of deadlines and so I’d rather not add another one. This is something I can do at my own leisurely pace, pour my thoughts and reflections without having to worry whether I’d write it in time for Tuesday.

Anyway, I’m babbling now, so I’ll leave you with the ‘ones that didn’t make it’. Ta ta.


One thought on “Fast Food Art

  1. ysecream says:

    Nice work!

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