Tools of the Trade


Hello everyone! Lot’s of things on the working table, however, today I just thought I’d show you the things I normally use to work with/need in my life. I always find it interesting seeing how people work and what they use. I guess I could have laid out the items a little more cleanly but when I work I’m the annoying person that likes to spread out and end of having a bunch of stuff everywhere. Anyway, so I’ll start at the top left of the image:

1) My laptop. Gateway to the internet and all things awesome. It’s not an Apple Mac, much to the distress of my designer friends, however it does the job and is hooked up with the Adobe suite. Unfortunately it does run on Windows 8, but beggers can’t be choosers.

2) The Red Moleskine of Organisation. This is my weekly organiser, with the all important dates such as ‘getting drunk for Zoe’s birthday’, ‘upcoming uni deadlines’. Honestly though, without it I’d be lost and there will be lots of angry emails and texts regarding forgotten dates. One day you may glimmer inside a week of DefinitelyJenny, but until then.

To purchase your own (although perhaps a bit late in the year): Moleskine!

3) Writing/drawing pad. I have many of these. Far too many. Things to jot down random ideas or varitions. Sometimes I am prone to buying them because it has nice paper, or it’s pretty.

This is not the one shown in the image but Paperchase sell great stationary and sketch books which I am very partial too: Paperchase!

4) Mechanical Pencil. People keep mistaking this as a pen and not a pencil but nevermind. I love this mechanical pencil. I guess I prefer mechanical over non as I am somewhat lazy and dislike having to constantly stop to sharpen my pencil. I also am pretty rubbish at sharpening. I know that sounds somewhat odd, but I always over sharpen it. I’m especially overzealous when I come across those sharpeners with turn handles. They’re always such damn good fun.

To purchase one: Pentel!

5) The Ever Forgiving Rubber.

6) Faber Castell Fine Liners. I dicovered these fairly early on in my life and I’ve not looked back since. They’re pretty good and give out a nice deep black ink. I’ve slowly converted people into using them and away from those ‘Uni-Ball’ pens. I think the only downside is that they are more expensive then most and sometimes when you finished lining a drawing and rub out the pencil lines hard it can lighten the ink a tad. Other then that, they’re a pretty good investment.

Join the dark side: Faber Castell!

So that’s just a little insight to the working mind of DefinitelyJenny. Always good to look and test new products, so recommendations would be great. Sharing is caring after all.


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