DefinitelyJenny loves: Kern Type


Hello everyone! I’m finally starting a new ‘section’ called: DefinitelyJenny Loves. As a designer/illustrator/artist I am inspired by many things and I love to share what’s out there because I think it’s equally as important as sharing yourself (no, not in that way). Besides, it gets boring when I’m just talking about myself so it’s good for a change of pace now and again.

Today’s post is dedicated to a website/game called Kern Type. Crafted by Mark Mackay, I stumbled upon this when looking up typography resources. Kerning, which is the name given when changing or adjusting the space between each letterform or character, is the aim of the game. You can slide each letterform right or left and when you’re happy with the spacing it marks you against how a ‘professional’ would space it. I’m not sure how much enjoyment a person who perhaps isn’t trained in typography can get out of it, but for me, when you get that sweet 100% you can’t help but get that smug feeling. (See image above, first time!). The only downside is that there is only one play through (the game ends and then starts again.) This is probably a good thing though, otherwise, I would be seriously addicted.

Check it out here:

Anyway, that’s it for now, let me know what you guys think and feel free to send me or message me with your 100%, because you can only feel really smug when you get to rub success into people’s faces. And on that note, till next time.


One thought on “DefinitelyJenny loves: Kern Type

  1. thats a pretty cool website, I look forward to seeing more DefinitelyJenny loves x

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