Sad Endings

Bike final A1

As some of my older followers will know I had a tough time earlier in the year with everything around me, and I invested in a bike as, well, I suppose as a way of symbolising hope in the near future. I met these amazing people in my local bike shop as a result and I created this poster as a thanks. I was going to send them the above version, however realised it had spelling errors so I fixed it and the following version can be seen in my portfolio. However, when I printed it off and trekked over a few months later I discovered it closed and abandoned, with a note on the window explaining that due to the hard economic climate; the shop, like so many others in the high street, had to be closed. I had to peer through the windows in disbelief  just to make sure, I knew it was silly. Of course I wasn’t I going to find Andy the bike man suddenly appear and tell me they managed to find enough money to reopen. I guess, they had been there for so long and had so much life in them. It was strange to see such an empty, dark version of what was once was. I hope that Andy and all the other employees of Freewheelin’ have found better and brighter things.


7 thoughts on “Sad Endings

  1. Jennie Saia says:

    Oh, I hope the universe conspires to let them see this! It’s such a lovely gesture and it would complete the circle. 🙂

  2. artsifrtsy says:

    I love the poster! Sad that a place like that had to close.

  3. Dan says:

    What about a Freewheelin’ campaing!
    Contact me on or in the studio.

  4. Lane says:

    I love it when people in a business invest to build a relationship instead treating a customer like a transaction. That’s a heartbreaking end to such a great experience.

    • I concur. It’s unfortunate that a mixture of the internet and big supermarkets often kill these businesses and the high street in general. Most can’t keep up. Whilst I think the internet is a place where great things can happen, I realise that it’s definitely a problem regarding face-to-face relationships. My friend owns a printing business/studio and has such an in-depth knowledge, unfortunately, whilst he has to charge £6 to print a A2 Colour Poster, (overheads, machine/printer care etc), he has to go up against places on the internet which will do them for £2.20. Is the quality just as good? Maybe not, but I am sure that they will not get the same customer care and knowledge that he often gives me when I pop in.

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