No questions asked

Life is Meaningless


Do you ever get told to do something and it’s so bizarre that you kind of, well, just go along with it? I guess this is what happened when one of my briefs was to create an image which ‘shows a cute inter-species affection between a horse and a puppy’, or something similar to that. And when I mean ‘inter-species affection’ I mean inter-species affection. It then had the very optimistic tag-line ‘Life is meaningless and Everything dies’. While I was a bit apprehensive with such a task, I was secretly intrigued to say the least. There were a quite a few different outcomes, some of which raised the eyebrows of those who overlooked on me drawing, as they silently questioned my morals. This is probably my personal favourite though, a bit more stylised I suppose, but unfortunately wasn’t the one that made the cut.


One thought on “No questions asked

  1. […] are offended by the following image, this is another version I did in the same brief as this one ‘ere. Likewise with the previous image, it was rejected, and despite the purposely distasteful […]

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