Wear the Bear Competition


Hello, hello, and hello! First things first, in a couple of posts down I mentioned that I accepted a job as a t-shirt designer. It’s been a month now and I am enjoying it thoroughly. I get to drink tea and eat lots of cake, oh and occasionally do some designing. So far there has been a dog falling through the ceiling, being threatened by Hell’s Angel Bikers, and laughing at a previous t-shirt design about pubes. It’s all jolly good fun. I’ve been hush hush about it as I guess a part of me was worried that for whatever reason the job might fail; so I waited until I was fully settled before announcing it. I was wrong to worry. To celebrate, I’m giving away a free t-shirt designed by yours truly! ‘What’s the catch?’ I hear you cry, watching me with suspicious eyes.

Well, my dear reader, there is but one.

There can be only one winner and I’ve hidden a Secret Word somewhere in the last 6 posts (including this one). You must find this Secret Word and EMAIL it to me (let’s not ruin the fun for others, even if there’s already been a winner) at definitelyjenny@hotmail.co.uk. Failure to do so, and I will not count you as a winner (even if you did get the right Secret Word). If no one has found it within 3 days I will release a clue and will keep doing it until someone finds it. When that clever person locates it they will be announced a winner in the next post.

For those that either can’t be bothered, have money, didn’t win or maybe all free you can purchase my bears through these lovely links:

Mens T-shirt            Ladies T-shirt

All clear? Any questions feel free to leave a comment. And now I leave you with some happy customers who wear the bear with pride. If you have one of my bears I would love to recieve pictures in their new home, so feel free to email me some! I’m thinking when I accumulate a few more I will make a wall of fame bears, showcasing the people who I owe a special place in my heart; you my fellow readers. N’awww. (Did I just hear someone vomit?) Anyway, happy hunting.

EDIT 17/06/13: 1st Clue, where four bears guard a diamond skull, that is where you’ll find the secret word!

EDIT: 02/07/13: 2nd clue, go to the man in the brightly coloured shirt, he will show you the way.

EDIT: 18/07/13 Unfortunately the competition is closed for now, keep checking though, as it may reopen!


8 thoughts on “Wear the Bear Competition

  1. Awesome shirt, and congrats on the job! I was never any good at puzzles, I used to hate it when there were Batman stories with the Ridder, so I guess I’ll just have to buy one. 😉

    • Thank you! Hahaha, I have heard about those notorious puzzles! Well, no hard feeling if you don’t but I will be most elated it you did. And if you’re brave enough I’d love to see a picture! 😉

  2. Hi Jenny,
    I like the graphic on this shirt! Bears are one of my favs! Not reading this until 06/20 I am not even going to try to flush out the clues; the contest is probably over anyway. So, I am popping in to say hello and to browse. I wish you had an archive list. This page was found by looking up the tee-shirt category. Congrats on loving this great sounding job!
    Cathy the Bagg Lady.

    • Bears have always been a good favourite of mine 🙂 Haha, have a go if you like, the competition is not over, no one has found it yet! Thanks for having a gander, how is your logo coming along? Perhaps an archive is not a bad idea, I never really thought to put one as in this particular layout the ‘side’ bar is actually placed right at the bottom, so I thought it’d end up being overlooked a lot. Thank you very much! And thanks again for stopping by.


      • Jenny,
        No one has won the competition? Guess I will be giving it a go. As far as an archive goes, I think it would be seen as people would look for it. Your posts would get more readers. I know I can only check on blogs once every two weeks since I follow over 100. Thank you for asking about my logo, I am working on it.

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  4. […] and before I go, the ‘Wear the Bear Competition’ is still going! No one has found the secret word yet. I’ll give it one more week before […]

  5. […] Wear the Bear competition is offically over. Unfortunately there were no winners this time. However I may reopen so I guess […]

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