DefinitelyJenny Loves: Tunnel of Love, Ukraine


This is a perfect example of how human influences and natural architecture combine to create something beautiful. The Kleven train tunnel in Ukraine, also known as the ‘Tunnel of Love’ was created by the passing train which molded the trees’ lines. The train, as it traveled back and forth 3 times a day over several years eventually turned the area into the wonderful passageway/tunnel. However, not only is the initial creation fascinating to me, but it is said that lovers can come and make wishes; if their love is true then their wish will be granted, hence it’s other given name. I must admit the idea appeals to my romantic side a lot, who wouldn’t want to walk hand in hand through this beautiful awe-inspiring natural stucture and whisper playful sweet nothings to each other? Or even just quietly walking through by yourself, admiring the area at your lesuire? Perhaps we’ll be skeptical about the wish granting but if you’re lucky enough to be walking through there on a sunny day, with the world seemingly at peace, maybe, just maybe wishes do come true.



4 thoughts on “DefinitelyJenny Loves: Tunnel of Love, Ukraine

  1. Adam S says:

    That’s so cool..

  2. Apologies if you’ve already come across this before but if not, you should defintiely check out

    #32 looks kind of familiar…

    • Thank you for the link! Some of those photos/places are truely stunning. Perhaps not all abandoned as the title suggests, but still nonetheless beautiful. #24 is an amazing photo.

  3. Ahhh!! I really think this is way better than words can clearly express. I got goose flesh (goose bumps) when I saw the pictures and then read the words about the true love for lovers…

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