Something Sordid


Hello, my appologises if some of you are offended by the following image, this is another version I did in the same brief as this one ‘ere. Likewise with the previous image, it was rejected, and despite the purposely distasteful image/message I do quite like the font and general layout of this image. Anyway, I’m quite busy over the summer holidays (no rest for the wicked as they say) but it all just means I’ll hopefully have lots of stuff to share with you guys soon. Till then.

Also Wear the Bear competition is offically over. Unfortunately there were no winners this time. However I may reopen so I guess if you’re reading this and feel like you’ve missed out, keep your fingers crossed and hopefully it’ll happen!



9 thoughts on “Something Sordid

  1. Jennie Saia says:

    I immediately sent this to my husband. He will love it. What does that say about us?

    • Haha! I think that comment has made my day! Indeed, you have no idea how many t-shirts (different design, same tagline) have sold so far. In fact one of my work colleagues got asked if they could have it on a baby grow…

      • Jennie Saia says:

        That’s an *amazing* thing to put on a baby. Also, my husband’s reaction to my email with this link was, “You ARE my soul mate!” …so thanks for shoring up my marriage with inter species humping. 😉

  2. Hi Jenny,
    Thank you for stopping by my blog and pressing the LIKE button on my article “The Woman Laughed..”. I was almost compelled to write it.The post is so unlike me. It is difficult to put myself out there like that. Thanks again,xo Cathy the Bagg Lady

    • Hello Cathy!

      Pleased to see you here again, no problem I always look forward to revisitng your stuff. It’s a shame that for some reason it won’t come up on my reader! (You are not the only one. I just have to make mental notes to check back in from time to time 😉 )


  3. PS I just love that black bar across the drawing. But I guess it was done to offend less?! I like the interspecies romping going on I do however feel sorry for that poor dog..have you ever seen the size of…Egads even worse have you ever seen a saddle used for that purpose between a human and horse? (no need to publish this comment really..just felt the need to share.. 😉

    • Hahaha! I think this is a brilliant comment, I am glad you like the drawing, I know, especially when it gets…y’know. I’ve not seen one no, I didn’t even no there was one built for such a purpose! I would love to publish this comment as I think it’s hiliarious, however you you’d rather not let me know, and I won’t. Thank you for making laugh and sharing. 😉

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