The Day I streaked naked through the Zoo

London Zoo Tiger Streak

Photo Courtesy of London Zoo

Originally I wasn’t going to do  a post on this, as I thought it was going to be a quietly publiscised event; after all couldn’t imagine everyone going to the London Zoo website to book a family day out and see this. How wrong I was. Of course I signed a contract to say I gave permission for photos etc, so I am not complaining at all; but the amount of people that contacted me a day after to say they had seen me on the website/newspaper etc naked and running was quite surreal. Which is why I thought, well, might as well say something now. Don’t worry, I won’t show any of the naughtier ones here. Wink.

Overall, it was a bizzare, wonderful, and a really fun event, so thanks to the Zoo for organising it. So, just a few things to sum up the day:

1) Thanks to everyone who donated, so far I’ve raised £220 pounds, and overall everyone together raised £60,000, so well done! P.s it’s still not too late to donate, donations close on the 30th September and you can donate here:, also thanks to Sabine for your donation!
2) What has been seen with these eyes cannot be unseen.
3) Yes, there are naked pictures of me in the news and on the interwebs.
4) No, I’m not telling you which ones they are. (Teehee.)
5) Would I do it again? If it’s for charity, hell yes.

So, that’s that really. I guess, another interesting thing I found was that the average age was proabably 30-60yrs and mostly men (probably about 65% men) as you can see in the photo above. (I’m the lady on the right of the photo, if you’re wondering. Made a new friend there who is the one on the left.) I don’t have a great answer to why that is or why I even find that particular thing interesting, just thought I’d share. We got to see the tigers as well, which was really nice. Beautiful creatures. They estimate that there’s only 300 left of them in the wild, it seems sad, that the world is getting smaller and we’re the only ones getting bigger. Anyway, unfortunately they weren’t close enough to take a decent photo, but all together a well spent evening.

Thanks for reading as always. Back to arty posts now!

For more photos/articles/etc:


13 thoughts on “The Day I streaked naked through the Zoo

  1. you go girl!. haha what a wonderfully weird way of raising money. i wonder what the tigers were thinking during the streak to rais money for them, perhaps ‘they look tasty’, ‘oh no not again’ or ‘why?????’ hahaha jenny your kind heart and weirdness never ceases to amaze me x

    • Haha! Thank you my dear Bethany, your kind words make me smile. I think they were probably thinking the latter. A baby monkey was particularly interested in watching us run with curious eyes. 😉 x

  2. Bravo! That took a lot of heart, and guts!

  3. wow. am impressed-couldn’t do that myself!! Well done.

  4. Damn girl!! I would pay big time to watch the folks streak. Once, many-many-many years ago my friend and I were taking the long way home from school and we encountered a streaker. He wasn’t very brave though because as soon as we started laughing he turned red (his whole body blushed) and he got into his car faster than lightening. My co-hort in high school and I believed that laughing at someone harassing us was the best method to make them quit. At any rate, I will be sending in a donation. Charity is a wonderful thing for a person to do. My belief is, if you don’t give back to society, you need reevaluate your life goals. Speaking of charity, have you visited my Oregon’s Hats for Hope blog? I sure would appreciate it. I need to increase my readership.
    So, what did you think of the post about the light box?
    Cathy, the Bagg Lady

    • Hahaha! Cathy, I always look forward to your comments. A wonderful anecdote indeed, bless the poor streaker; but I wonder what reaction he was expecting? I would have laughed too, but mainly because I wouldn’t know what else to say or do. Thank you, that would be amazing if you can and I agree with what you say about charity. I will of course look at your hats for hope 🙂

      The light box post was great, I remember making (even more basic) versions of the one in your post back in secondary school. (Or high school? I think that is the American equivalent?) Also the mouse featured was adorable.

      Thanks for commenting as always!

  5. Mark says:

    I know the feeling! I did the naked bike ride and I must have had a dozen people I know tell me they saw my, and my penis, either there or in pictures later. Any who, it’s definitely brave of you to support such a good cause and who knows, maybe you’ll inspire someone else to join next year 🙂 And you definitely looked great!

    • Haha! I’m glad there’s someone out there who knows the feeling, thank you for such kind words, and well done on your naked bike ride! A few people did say on whether I was planning to do the naked bike or not, I’m a little undecided but we shall see! Thanks for the comment. 🙂

      • Mark says:

        It’s definitely a thrill… I actually had someone just now tell me they recognized me from somewhere, and it turned out I rode by them three years ago and we high-fived!

        I have to admit its a bit weird knowing someone has seen me naked, without even knowing it when it was so long ago 🙂 With that in mind, figured it’s fair I share a pic from my ride (before I took off my bandanas):

  6. PenMan says:

    What was the charity you streaked for?

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