Before Adobe


Hello everyone! Busy as usual, heavy workload in regards to uni work, but I’m also spending a bit of time guest writing for another blog. Anyway, I had a class exploring grids, layouts and basic typography, which in all honesty was a tiring but rewarding journey. My tutor has a disdain for our generation’s reliance on programs like Adobe InDesign, and believes we have lost our ability to ‘see’. Whilst she can admit the benifits of new software (I think even she can see that even after the workshop 95% of us will crawl back to InDesign, the convenience is just too great!) I think the lack of basic or arguably traditional training has lead to many sloppy layouts.

So, notching up to well over 10hrs of cutting, taping, reviewing, agonising and cursing, I’d like to say I have reached an amicable relationship with typography. Trying to focus on each individual letter and the spaces between each one is, admittedly quite hard going. I still think it will be my weakest asset but I’m looking forward to continually improving.


Oh, and we even got a lovely test at the end. And no, you can’t sneak a peak at my answers.



3 thoughts on “Before Adobe

  1. TheGirl says:

    Congrats on your project, it looks great!! You can “see” very well.

  2. blogturtle says:

    there was life before adobe? yikes!
    awesome exercise still.

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