Time Flies

Hello everyone! Sorry for such neglect, it’s been a busy month, with two intense uni briefs and Christmas coming in! I hope everyone is enjoying the festivities. I’ve been sort of expanding, so I’ll guess I’ll share with you a few things:

@definitelyjenny (instagram)


Ok, technically speaking this apparently isn’t the official instagram, but I have a windows phone and this was the closest I can get. If you’re an official instagram user you can still follow and I can do the same! It just hasn’t got the instagram ‘stamp’ that’s all. Anyway, this is a lot more ‘personal’ I guess and more spontaneous then the blog, I don’t really have a theme apart from anything that tickles my fancy, so have a gander and if you like feel free to follow!



I sometimes (when time will allow) do blog posts at my work’s website blog. It’s mainly restricted to t-shirt related content, but I’d like to think there’s a lot more bad jokes, courtesy of me, so if you love t-shirts and a bit of good ol’e British sarcasm then feel free to have a little look.



This one might take a while, but I’m currently in the works of building a more ‘profesional’ portfolio, it’ll be the best of the best of my work, as although I do like the one here I feel like that it’s more of a taster rather then a fully fledged portfolio. So, I’ll update when I’m ready to unleash it onto the unsuspecting public, but until then, if you want an overview feel free to use the portfolio tab above.

That’s it so far, I’m open to any comments or fellow instagrammers/bloggers etc (just post a link to your stuff and I’ll have a look!) it’s my sister’s birthday so I must dash, but you’ll be hearing from me soon.


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