DefinitelyJenny Loves: Andrew Kim

Hello again everyone! I hope everyone had a great New Year’s, now, to start 2014 I’m going to share with you my top favourite designer. I am a big fan of his work and one of the few I would consider myself having a ‘fangirl’ disposition when looking at his work (think swooning, blushing and borderline obsessive admiration). His name is Andrew Kim.

Born in Seoul and raised in Vancouver, Kim describes himself as ‘a visual designer with a product design background’. I first read about him when Kim decided to rebrand Microsoft in 3 days as an student experiment, and this is what he came up with:

I think it is beautiful, simple and clever. This is just an overview of the project, so I urge you to see the full thing on his website/blog here. It’s sleek and versitile, and whilst I don’t agree with some aspects (I think the colour schemes that microsoft have for the phones are fine) the presentation, application and concept are solid. I am also not the only one that seems to think so either, microsoft actually hired Kim (a total shame they didn’t take his proposal too!) to be their designer.

Other works which I enjoyed was Experiment 6: Emergency Eyes. The brief was to design a gift for a Secret Santa, the person he got loved cute things so he came up with this:

Again, simple idea, great execution. Anyway I could discuss and show all of his work, but then I’d end with his blog as my blog post. I urge you again to check out his website, I love the fact that you can see work in progresses, thought processeses, reasoning and results. If that wasn’t enough, he’s also got a subsection called ‘Coffee Time’ which has a more personal and discussive feel and writes product reviews.


All images from Andrew Kim’s website:


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