New York, New York: Lego

Hello everyone! As you can tell from the title, I am back from New York, and what a trip! I have been debating whether or not to do seperate posts on the matter and I’m still not entirely decided. I will start with this post though.

I was looking for a gift to buy for my other half, and stumbled across a lego store which had a small section allowing you to customise your own Lego minifigure. I started creating his one (which I like to think has some level of likeness), satisfied with the finished product I moved onto mine, and there I realised the problem. For a personalised product it didn’t have any basic pieces, it might just be this store and I know that you’re never going to find the perfect match, but it had no black, blonde or ginger hair, only 2 ‘lady’ bodies, (one of which had some severe cleaverage). I could list more, but that’s why I am wearing a helmet and sporting an bodicious body. Anyway, so that explains that, I then thought it would be nice to make a collection of images with them around places in New York, since he wasn’t able to come.

Here are some of the images:


At the hotel.

WP_20140201_14_44_01_Pro__highres - Copy

Brooklyn Bridge.

WP_20140201_15_27_31_Pro__highres - Copy

In front of the World Trade Center.



Sunset at the top of Chrysler building.



Facing the apartments.


Bagel at Zuckerman’s.


Central Park, at the fountain.



At the Airport.

For those wondering, I took these on my phone, which is a Nokia Lumia 1020 (if I remember correctly). To sum up the trip, it was great to visit, both the agencies we saw (which I might do a post about) and the tourist things we did (including Superbowl!). The people are a lot friendlier then say, London but I don’t think I could ever live there, again I might do a post discussing this point further. The food is amazing, I would recommend any food lover to visit, but the tax definitely catch you out more then once, especially if you’re not used to it.

Well, would love to hear what you guys think, about the photos or New York. Till next time!



2 thoughts on “New York, New York: Lego

  1. This made me smile a lot! Great idea and particularly topical with the Lego movie out today.

    • Aw, I’m glad, thank you very much and yes I’ve seen some of the teaser trailers floating about from time to time. Who knows, perhaps it subconsciously influenced my idea haha! Are you going to watch it?

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