Definitelyjenny loves: Furrylittlepeach

Hello again, to ‘Definitelyjenny Loves’! If there was anybody out there who I would to ‘aspire’ to it would be Sha’an d’Anthes, otherwise known as Furrylittlepeach. Describing herself as an ‘artist, freelance thing-maker, line-lover and furry little peach.’ She’s travelled to far out lands, with her photographer boyfriend (his tumblr and website for anyone whose interested) making beautiful illustrations and wonderful things. Did I mention she’s absolutely gorgeous as well?

I guess, (and I’ve deliberated for so long whether or not to discuss this on the blog) another factor of why I ‘aspire’ be like her is because (unless I’m corrected) she seems to be of Asian heritage. For those of you wondering, I am a british born chinese, but I imagine some of you may be scratching your heads a little bit at my statement. No, I don’t like her just because she’s Asian (and this is where I’ve deliberated because I always have trouble explaining these things, without wanting to crawl into a hole and hide, but I’ll try my best to.) To put it roughly in context, I’ve had a lot of struggles in terms of my identity, especially at a young age, due to me being an ethic minority, but I guess that’s another blog post. Anyway, in terms of role models there isn’t many Asian women artists/illustrators that are within the same age range as me, and that seemingly has had dual identities (she lives in Sydney but I don’t if she was raised there or not, I only assume so). I can see the similarities building up, I too have a caucasian boyfriend with a strong interest in photography, but there’s a lot of things different as well, maybe even better. She has seen more of the world then I have, has had her work shown in the Tate, definitely more fashionable, and everything she cooks looks delicious. I guess that’s why she’s moved beyond admiration and into aspiration, obviously I’m not going to start moving to Australia, mimic her dress sense, and start calling myself ‘furrylittlebannana’, I may be weird, but I’m not crazy. It’s just nice to know that somewhere, out there, someone with similar traits is making a living doing what she loves. Trying not to sound too cliche here, but I guess it boils down to ‘if she can do it, so can I’. And I definitely want a slice of that pie.

Or should I make that pancakes? Because they look amazing!

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2 thoughts on “Definitelyjenny loves: Furrylittlepeach

  1. Great fun! I love the images especially the black and white circular flower.

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