2nd Year Show: Kaleidoscope Exhibition

Hello everyone! So, if anyone remembers, a while back I wrote about my 1st Year Exhibition, but time flies when you’re having fun and my 2nd Year Show is now done and dusted. We based our exhibition on the Kaleidoscope – in ancient greek the word Kaleidoscope can be broken down into meaning the ‘observation of beautiful shapes’. Based on this idea and the way a variety of shapes were found together and mixed into new patterns in a scope, we felt this reflected our diverse group and ethos.

In our group of about 14 people, we each had to choose a geometric shape and a Pantone colour code, these would then be used as a symbol to represent us and for branding purposes, such as business cards:


A Kaleidoscope was also made featuring our shapes, it was large enough so that people could take headshots of themselves in full kaleido-vision! (Bonus points to those who can see the shapes seen in the business cards above.)


The exhibition was hosted in a quirky space, it had a higher level and lower level, we also used the window spaces directly opposite the space as seen in the last image. The arrangement of the exhibition was definitely an experience. We didn’t have much know how when it came to this particular task and it was hard to know what was a ‘successful’ layout and what wasn’t.

10382235_533037660134153_335498645657539474_o 10321728_533037790134140_7662152040676916153_oWP_20140519_20_29_14_Pro

However, without further ado, here’s my work that was featured in the exhibition:

10380732_533037470134172_7571834179405883733_o WP_20140519_13_46_21_Pro

It was a self-initiated project in which I explored the symbolism we place on things – in particular wildlife. They represent a wealth of things, such as virtues or morals. We make them into guardians, totems, guides and gods, each of these animals would mean something different to the audience and that is what I found really interesting.

Overall, I feel the exhibition was a success and I’m glad I was given the chance to manage/organise it. In comparison to last’s exhibiton I believe that although they are both different to each other we have improved as a group, especially in terms of branding. Anyway, that’s it for now, would love to hear your thoughts as always. I’m going down to ECLAF in London, and looking forward to sharing with you what I find, so till then, bye!

(Extra note: Thanks to Matthew Potts for some of the photos used in this blog and for making the kaleidoscope, be sure to check out his work.)


3 thoughts on “2nd Year Show: Kaleidoscope Exhibition

  1. Wayne says:

    That is really cool! I love the concept of using the Kaleidoscope theme. Very creative and meaningful.

    • Hello Wayne! Thank you, we did like the concept too – only downside is that the word ‘Kaleidoscope’ has been used many times, so it was hard to make things such as any social media accounts without it being already taken.

  2. blogturtle says:

    This looked like a fun project. Nice job!

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