Definitelyjenny Loves: Elcaf 2014


Hello readers! Last week I had the pleasure of attending this year’s Elcaf (East London Comics and Arts Festival), which was hosted at the Oval Center and wow, what an experience. The place was packed, as you can probably tell from the very long queue in the above photo (there was another queue on the other side that was equally as long.) Luckily, I came enthusiastically early and managed to miss having to line up. However, once inside, the room was heaving with people:

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#elcaf2014 bird's eye view.

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This however, wasn’t entirely a bad thing – the atmosphere was buzzing. I knew many artists and illustrators I loved were going to be there but it was great that there were also lots of new upstarts and people from abroad. It was great showcase of talent, and there were a range of goods to burn my money on; from books and limited edition prints to badges and ceramic plates. That isn’t even the best part, since many of the illustrators were there in person I got to meet, chat and get items I purchased signed.


Throughout the day there were workshops taking place, and whilst unfortunately I was too late at booking tickets to the talks it was nice to still be able to attend the open workshops. These ranged from making Frankenstein toys (which unfortunately I don’t have any images of) to simple drawing opportunities, such as this wonderful piece here:


I took part in a half-human, half-animal workshop. I was a little nervous, drawing in front of huge crowds is a little off-putting for me since I’m not particularly confident in my drawing skills yet. However, five minutes in I was surprisingly absorbed, and finished it in fifteen minutes. It was quite liberating!


Anyway, I spent quite a bit of money, but definitely worth it, (all of it signed too!) here is just a small fraction of the things I brought as I don’t have a large enough space to lay it out all fancy like:

So, that’s it really, just like to thank NoBrowPress for organising the event, and big thanks to Philippa Rice, Nina Cosford, Kristyna Baczynski, and Isabel Greenberg who were all very nice to talk too!


4 thoughts on “Definitelyjenny Loves: Elcaf 2014

  1. This event looks amazing!! 😀 I’m a big fan of Nobrow Press’ work. I’m moving back to London this September and would be keen to visit next year’s Elcaf. 🙂

    • Yes, I would highly recommend going to see the next one (which they will hopefully do), glad to meet another Nobrow Press fan, and good luck with your move back into London again!

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