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Hello everyone! Hope everyone had a fantastic Hallowe’en, is it weird that I really like waking up the next morning to see everyone’s pictures of their costumes? Anyway, I managed to squeeze some time between my disseration and a coursework deadline to go and see this pop-up shop in Greenwich. Hosted in a quirky apartment/shop it had tons of zines and comics, so of course I was in heaven.


I also had the absolute pleasure of meeting Dimitri, who gave a small group of people and I a free lesson in home silkscreen printing.



Unfortunately I don’t have much more images of the process, but it was a very laid back and spontaneous event, which suited me just fine. Once Dimitri showed us how to expose a screen using one of those garden intruder lights, we printed on various surfaces including newsprint, brown paper and my neon pink t-shirt I brought in. Here are everyone’s designs (mine is ‘Rave Bear’):


So, that’s it folks, it was a great day and enjoyed meeting everyone there! Now, unfortunately I must dash, there’s an unfinished dissertation calling me…


The first two images were taken from the alternative press twitter (look there’s me!)

The rest of the images were taken by me.


3 thoughts on “DefinitelyJenny Loves: Alternative Press

  1. Bunnet says:

    How can I get into this sort of art and publishing? I been more and more curious the more read about it

    • Good question, I think the best way to get into it is to jump right in and make one yourself. If you have an idea or a message you want to communicate then plan out how you want to visualise it on a piece of paper. (Do you want to draw it/collage it/use photographs). There are also lots of tutorials available on the technical side of things (how to print, fold and bind etc). Once you have your zine you can check your local area if they have ‘independent’ publishing or if there is a community already exisiting. Or, maybe after you feel well versed in making zines yourself, you can start your own zine community and teach others what you know!

      • Bunnet says:

        Hmm, now that idea teaching others about zines and making zine community, there many who I know who are skill in person crafts so it be interesting to see what they come up with

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