DefinitelyJenny Loves: Lorna Scobie

Hello everyone! So, continuing with the animal themed posts, I’m going to show another much loved illustrator of mine. Lorna Scobie is a freelance illustrator based in London who loves drawing animals (a girl after my own heart!), using a variety of media to create spontaneous marks and drawings which often befit the subject matter.

Scobie does draw humans but my personal favourites are always her animals, what amazes me is her work ethic and speed of drawing. For example I was lucky enough to participate Scobie’s ‘1 Day’ event in which she challenged herself to draw as many animals as possible in a day. She took open requests from people suggesting what animals to draw (I said polar bear) and then at the end of the day she sold them for £6. And boy did they go quick! I didn’t mange to get the polar bear, but I did manage to grab myself an adorable otter, which I’ll post a picture up soon. For now, I’ll leave you with the digital version:

Pictures taken from Lorna Scobie’s website and Instagram.

UPDATE! Here’s the picture of Lorna’s art next to my Valentine’s Day card from the other half and our little otter, Tarka as promised:


5 thoughts on “DefinitelyJenny Loves: Lorna Scobie

  1. Thanks for bringing this talented illustrator to my attention. Her animals are wonderfully simple but have so much character. Love them.

    • No problem Nicky! That’s exactly how I feel about her work too, she does them so quickly as well! (Although I remember reading somewhere that it took her years of practise to develop her style and speed.)

  2. These really made me smile, AND want to create some visual art…I have kind of been neglecting my sketchbook.

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