DefinitelyJenny Loves: Wintercroft

Hello again! So, in this ‘DefinitelyJenny Loves’ I decided to shine the spotlight on Wintercroft, a tag team business of husband and wife based in the UK. Whilst they are now currently expanding into other areas like jewellery and clothing, Wintercroft first started by selling their instructions for nicely designed low-poly 3D masks which you, yes youcould download and make yourself. As a person who loves papercraft, design, animals and recycling, Wintercroft manages to roll it all into one and I have become a big fan of them. I love the emphasis they place of re-using, often encouraging crafters to use materials/card stock they would already have at home such as cereal boxes.

Some designs are more streamlined and simple (but nonetheless visually appealing) like this beagle mask above, to more complex and intricate like the elephant (which comes with an articulated trunk!).

I love the versatility of the designs and have seen them used at festivals, political protests, costumes and in retail. I already have a growing list of which masks I want to make and plan on making some when I get my own space! Who knows, maybe I’ll post the results if they’re good enough. Please do check out their website as I’ve only just scratched the surface of the choice of cool designs that they offer. So for now, I’ll leave you my current favourite design (I keep changing my mind which one I like the most), the dragon mask which you can also make articulated claws to match!

All images were taken from the Wintercroft website which can be found here.


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