DefinitelyJenny Loves: Toby Rampton

Hello, hello! This time on ‘Definitelyjenny Loves’, I’m going to talk about a real cool cat, Toby Rampton. Based in Norfolk, his expertise is in the silk screen process, creating interesting colour schemes and marks within his work. He has had his illustrations featured in a wide variety of places, such as The Guardian and M&S. I’ve always loved his creative use of composition and mark marking, which produces quite distinctive and recognisable work. Today I’m going to focus on two of my favourite pieces by him, the first a wordless children’s book: The Mambo.

Highly commended in the Macmillan Children’s Picture Book competition 2014, The Mambo explores a ‘jazz milk bar for cool cats and Jivin’ Jimmy’s bestselling performance’. As with most of his work, I loved the colours and composition, particularly the way it shows light. It’s all silk screened too! You can also buy your very own copy here.

The second project is his self-initiated book jacket for Alice in Wonderland. I love this! The design, the colours, the typeface, it’s all quite lovely and it’s a nice take on something that has been done to death. It also looks pretty damn good printed too:

So, that’s it for now, all these images were taken from his website, so do check it out. Before I leave we actually did a bit of collaboration together a while back. We swapped hand-made postcards with each other; the car with movable wheels is Toby’s to me and the boar pin puppet was my postcard to him. What was such a delightful surprise was that he actually went and animated it! 



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