Updates, updates everywhere!

Hello everyone! Many things are happening over at DefinitelyJenny Inc., so I thought I might give you an update on what’s what:

  1. Updated Etsy Shop 

    As the post says, I have been pouring in the hours to fix up my shop and I’ve finally got to a point where I can happily ‘re-open’. To celebrate, I’m giving out coupons for free shipping on all items, just use the code: FREESHIP01 at the checkout. Hope you have a gander, I’m a firm believer in supporting independent stores and every purchase helps the little guys. 😉

  2. ELCAF 2016 

    As with every year I do a write up on one of my favourite summer events, ELCAF as a visitor. However, this time I was lucky enough to be on the selling side, so I’m currently in the midst of writing up how it went down, so a blog post on that should be appearing soon! Here’s a sneaky peak photo of my table for the meanwhile:Elcaf-2016

  3. Blog Maintenance (Bleugh) 

    This blog is has been here for a while and as such there are many photos/images which no longer exist, or are now broken links. I am slowly, but surely going through them and sorting it out!  If you spot anything array, don’t hesitate to leave a comment.

  4. New Short Comic 

    I have managed to squeeze out a new short comic! After my first comic, The Ivory Dragon’  I really wanted to do another one. After some pondering and encouraging words from a follower, I created ‘Legacy’, a comic about a couple of space-faring dogs which stumble across an old science museum. As hinted by the title, the main themes are the past and what we leave behind for the future. There could also be another exciting announcement with the comic, depending on certain circumstances, but I won’t spoil it for now…Here’s a sneak peak at the comic though!cmdnkj8xeae0b7f
    So, that’s just an overview of what’s been happening over the month, many thanks as always for sticking by and hopefully you’ll be hearing more from me soon!


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