DefinitelyJenny Loves: ELCAF 2016

Elcaf-2016Hello everyone! So, I’ve finally had a bit of time to write about this year’s ELCAF (East London Comics and Arts Festival). For those of you that are new to the blog, I’ve attended the event previously as a buyer and have written about it here and here. However this time I’ve had the pleasure of attending as a seller, so a completely new experience! This would be my first stall selling my own stuff, so me being a nervous wreck is an understatement. Thankfully, my lovely other half came with me for (much needed) moral support and I got great advice from Dilraj Mann who instantly put me at ease. So what stuff did I sell? I had zines, prints, patches, the lot, but don’t take my word for it, here’s a couple of photos:

12It was so lovely to meet and chat with people, both fellow sellers and buyers. As usual, the festival was brimming with life, which was fantastic, the small downside was that I didn’t get many chances to have a look around as much as I would have liked. However my other half managed to take some pretty good shots of the festival.

546This year ELCAF was set in the beautiful Round Chapel in Hackney, which I personally think is their best location yet, although I did feel it was a bit more out of the way compared with the previous places. (That might just be me not being a East Londoner though.) I love the pews over looking the stalls, and even managed to sneak away and sit there for a bit admiring the view. Later on during the day I had the pleasure of meeting Emile (a.k.a BloodBros) who visited my stall and we got on like a house on fire. There was free booze, lovely people, great illustration, so overall a brilliant experience. I did learn a few lessons, so for anyone looking to do this sort of thing, heed my words: One, however many business cards you think you’ll need, add more. I thought I brought enough but my cards went like hotcakes and I ran out a hour or so before ELCAF finished. Two, bring swapsies. I know it’s a stereotype, but us illustrators are tight in the financial department, so what do you do when you’re surrounded by amazing illustrators? Swap stuff! Unfortunately I was ill-prepared in this department and settled for giving out some rings.

3Well, that about sums it up, I hope you’ve enjoyed reading! I’ve got so many people to thank including those who came and brought stuff off me, it honestly means the world. I’ll try not to make the rest sound too much like a long-winded Oscar acceptance speech, but…

A big shout out to my table neighbour, Takayo Akiyama who is amazing and shared a comic/zine about pooping with me (what more could you ask for?), Bethany, Mark and Tabitha for visiting me, the lovely people at ELCAF who work so hard every year and of course my other half for everything.


Oh and last but not least, what would a post about ELCAF be without a shameless hoard photo? (Well, sorta, didn’t have time to buy anything but business cards count, right? Right?!)


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