Definitelyjenny Loves: Alex Tait


Hello everyone! I haven’t done one of these illustrator’s spotlights in a while, so I decided it was high time I corrected that. Today’s spotlight is dedicated to a fellow graduate of my University, Alex Tait. (He was in a couple of years above me). This guy is the master of vector art, with brilliant, eye-popping colour combinations that really want to make you look at all the finer details.


Whilst I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting him personally, I was at his graduation show and instantly fell in love with his work. His Final Major Project, Solimoes, was a very nicely produced and illustrated book looking at the life of explorer and biologist Henry Walter Bates. It is honestly one of the best Final Major Projects I have ever seen produced.


It was strange, surreal but fun and accessible too. At the moment I believe Tait is signed up with Jelly London – a fantastic agency which mainly deals with illustrators and animators. So, that’s it for now I’m afraid, if you would like to see more of his work please visit his site:

Till next time!



One thought on “Definitelyjenny Loves: Alex Tait

  1. Love this guy’s work, thanks for sharing.

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