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Beardy Men Cushions

Hello everyone! This is what I’ve been currently been busy with lately, we are trying to raise as much money as possible for our Final Degree Show which is coming in next year’s Summer. We wanted to start as early as possible so I’ve been trying to encourage my fellow students to create stuff to sell. Here is my current contribution so far – beardy men cushions.

Made from recycled t-shirts and canvas, each cushion is printed and stitched by myself. It’s been an interesting experience designing a product from scratch, especially trying to keep costs and quality balanced. All the cushions come with my stamp of quality, the running rabbit (which if you’ve seen my header, is a recurring theme!) :

At the moment, I’m testing the water so I’ve only done a limited run of 5 cushions and seeing how well they sell. The target audience is mainly students and those looking for a bargain at our local market place, so I’ve tried to keep this in mind when designing the product.

If you want to see more photos and all the other neat products we are making and planning to sell, please visit and like our Facebook page! Unfortunately we are only planning to deliver in the UK, however even if you are international, all likes and support are appreciated. I have more things in the pipeline to sell there, so watch this space.

Thanks as always for reading.




Hello everyone! I hope the New Year has been kind to everyone so far. Sorry for not updating, I’ve been having technical problems with WordPress, it took ages to load up pages. Although, fingers crossed, it seems to have sorted itself out now. Anyway, I’ve got lots to show you but all in due time. For now I would like to share my Christmas project the uni set us to do, which was to design a Favicon. For those that don’t know what it is, it’s a 16 x 16 icon which can be mainly seen next to the website’s address. It’s also known a website icon, URL icon and shortcut icon. We also had to create it using real life objects so I made mine out of Hama beads.


That’s it for the moment, thanks for sticking by! Now, just need to work out how to insert into WordPress…

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