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Definitelyjenny Loves: Alex Tait


Hello everyone! I haven’t done one of these illustrator’s spotlights in a while, so I decided it was high time I corrected that. Today’s spotlight is dedicated to a fellow graduate of my University, Alex Tait. (He was in a couple of years above me). This guy is the master of vector art, with brilliant, eye-popping colour combinations that really want to make you look at all the finer details.


Whilst I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting him personally, I was at his graduation show and instantly fell in love with his work. His Final Major Project, Solimoes, was a very nicely produced and illustrated book looking at the life of explorer and biologist Henry Walter Bates. It is honestly one of the best Final Major Projects I have ever seen produced.


It was strange, surreal but fun and accessible too. At the moment I believe Tait is signed up with Jelly London – a fantastic agency which mainly deals with illustrators and animators. So, that’s it for now I’m afraid, if you would like to see more of his work please visit his site:

Till next time!



DefinitelyJenny Loves: ELCAF 2016

Elcaf-2016Hello everyone! So, I’ve finally had a bit of time to write about this year’s ELCAF (East London Comics and Arts Festival). For those of you that are new to the blog, I’ve attended the event previously as a buyer and have written about it here and here. However this time I’ve had the pleasure of attending as a seller, so a completely new experience! This would be my first stall selling my own stuff, so me being a nervous wreck is an understatement. Thankfully, my lovely other half came with me for (much needed) moral support and I got great advice from Dilraj Mann who instantly put me at ease. So what stuff did I sell? I had zines, prints, patches, the lot, but don’t take my word for it, here’s a couple of photos:

12It was so lovely to meet and chat with people, both fellow sellers and buyers. As usual, the festival was brimming with life, which was fantastic, the small downside was that I didn’t get many chances to have a look around as much as I would have liked. However my other half managed to take some pretty good shots of the festival.

546This year ELCAF was set in the beautiful Round Chapel in Hackney, which I personally think is their best location yet, although I did feel it was a bit more out of the way compared with the previous places. (That might just be me not being a East Londoner though.) I love the pews over looking the stalls, and even managed to sneak away and sit there for a bit admiring the view. Later on during the day I had the pleasure of meeting Emile (a.k.a BloodBros) who visited my stall and we got on like a house on fire. There was free booze, lovely people, great illustration, so overall a brilliant experience. I did learn a few lessons, so for anyone looking to do this sort of thing, heed my words: One, however many business cards you think you’ll need, add more. I thought I brought enough but my cards went like hotcakes and I ran out a hour or so before ELCAF finished. Two, bring swapsies. I know it’s a stereotype, but us illustrators are tight in the financial department, so what do you do when you’re surrounded by amazing illustrators? Swap stuff! Unfortunately I was ill-prepared in this department and settled for giving out some rings.

3Well, that about sums it up, I hope you’ve enjoyed reading! I’ve got so many people to thank including those who came and brought stuff off me, it honestly means the world. I’ll try not to make the rest sound too much like a long-winded Oscar acceptance speech, but…

A big shout out to my table neighbour, Takayo Akiyama who is amazing and shared a comic/zine about pooping with me (what more could you ask for?), Bethany, Mark and Tabitha for visiting me, the lovely people at ELCAF who work so hard every year and of course my other half for everything.


Oh and last but not least, what would a post about ELCAF be without a shameless hoard photo? (Well, sorta, didn’t have time to buy anything but business cards count, right? Right?!)

DefinitelyJenny Loves: Stephen Collins

lo_res_for_websiteHello everyone! It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these and what better way to start than with some Stephen Collins. Collins is an illustrator and cartoonist based in Hertfordshire; whilst he has created work for a number of different clients such as Pimm’s and American Airlines, I fell in love with his work through his Guardian comic strips.

secondary_centre_lo_resCollins has a great way of balancing textures, colours and white space to create really nice images. However, it is his wry sense of humour and his ability to capture people is what I love about his work. Little interactions and comical expressions pull you into the image and create a fun narrative. The comic strips Collins creates for the Guardian are brilliant at this, most of them centre around poking fun at the modern world and highlighting the strangeness of human life. However, since it is made for the Guardian it does reference a lot of middle-class/slightly left-wing stuff, so it might not appeal to everyone. (Although there are comics which pokes fun of this too.)

If you want a bit more general stuff Collins has also written a graphical novel called ‘The Gigantic Beard that was Evil’ (yes you read that right) and a compilation of comic strips ‘Some Comics’. Both of them are real good laughs, so I totally recommend both. Anyhow, that’s it for now, I’ll leave you with a few of my favourite strips and I’ll see you soon!

All images are taken from Stephen Collins’ website which can be found here.
For more Guardian comic strips by Stephen Collins click here.


DefinitelyJenny Loves: Lily Jones

Hello, hello! Well, lots of thing to say – first of all I hope every has had a lovely Christmas and a Happy New Year. I was supposed to do a post about my Final Year Exhibition before Christmas came but as a searched and searched for the photos I took for them, to my dismay; it seems I’ve misplaced them. So, until then, I’ll continue onto my first post of the New Year, which is about image-maker Lily Jones!

Lily was a year above me on my university course and I remember going to her 2nd Year Exhibition where I was first introduced to her work. Boy, I was impressed! I loved her distinctive use of the brush pen to create fun, bold typography and her mixed media collage always fit well with the type and composed well. What I liked most in her university projects were her concepts, of which many involved subverting our current perceptions, whether it was fairy tales, the fashion industry or beauty standards. Lily always managed to convey them with a wry sense of humour and intelligence, to put it simply, it was style with substance.

Since graduating Lily has done work for Beyond Retro and Penguin Vintage Books, but I think my favourite will always be ‘The Unhappily Ever Afters‘ and ‘The (Not So) Wonderful Walawats‘ which are an adult’s storybook and children’s book respectively. (Both shown above.) Check out the projects in more detail on her website.

Well, that’s it for now, I hope you enjoyed reading and I’ll see you soon!

All images taken from Lily Jones website which can be found here.

DefinitelyJenny Loves: Toby Rampton

Hello, hello! This time on ‘Definitelyjenny Loves’, I’m going to talk about a real cool cat, Toby Rampton. Based in Norfolk, his expertise is in the silk screen process, creating interesting colour schemes and marks within his work. He has had his illustrations featured in a wide variety of places, such as The Guardian and M&S. I’ve always loved his creative use of composition and mark marking, which produces quite distinctive and recognisable work. Today I’m going to focus on two of my favourite pieces by him, the first a wordless children’s book: The Mambo.

Highly commended in the Macmillan Children’s Picture Book competition 2014, The Mambo explores a ‘jazz milk bar for cool cats and Jivin’ Jimmy’s bestselling performance’. As with most of his work, I loved the colours and composition, particularly the way it shows light. It’s all silk screened too! You can also buy your very own copy here.

The second project is his self-initiated book jacket for Alice in Wonderland. I love this! The design, the colours, the typeface, it’s all quite lovely and it’s a nice take on something that has been done to death. It also looks pretty damn good printed too:

So, that’s it for now, all these images were taken from his website, so do check it out. Before I leave we actually did a bit of collaboration together a while back. We swapped hand-made postcards with each other; the car with movable wheels is Toby’s to me and the boar pin puppet was my postcard to him. What was such a delightful surprise was that he actually went and animated it! 


DefinitelyJenny Loves: Wintercroft

Hello again! So, in this ‘DefinitelyJenny Loves’ I decided to shine the spotlight on Wintercroft, a tag team business of husband and wife based in the UK. Whilst they are now currently expanding into other areas like jewellery and clothing, Wintercroft first started by selling their instructions for nicely designed low-poly 3D masks which you, yes youcould download and make yourself. As a person who loves papercraft, design, animals and recycling, Wintercroft manages to roll it all into one and I have become a big fan of them. I love the emphasis they place of re-using, often encouraging crafters to use materials/card stock they would already have at home such as cereal boxes.

Some designs are more streamlined and simple (but nonetheless visually appealing) like this beagle mask above, to more complex and intricate like the elephant (which comes with an articulated trunk!).

I love the versatility of the designs and have seen them used at festivals, political protests, costumes and in retail. I already have a growing list of which masks I want to make and plan on making some when I get my own space! Who knows, maybe I’ll post the results if they’re good enough. Please do check out their website as I’ve only just scratched the surface of the choice of cool designs that they offer. So for now, I’ll leave you my current favourite design (I keep changing my mind which one I like the most), the dragon mask which you can also make articulated claws to match!

All images were taken from the Wintercroft website which can be found here.

Definitelyjenny Loves: ELCAF 2015

Hello everyone!  So, a couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to be able to attend this year’s ELCAF. What’s ELCAF you say? Veterans of my blog will recongnise it from my post on it last year, but for all you newcomers it stands for ‘East London Comics Arts Festival’. Hosted by Nobrow Press, the festival brings together comic artists/illustrators/traders/lovers all under one convenient roof. Whilst I will try not to make too many comparisons between this year and the previous, it’s undeniable that the event has gone from strength to strength. No longer just a hidden gem awaiting to be discovered by comic connoisseurs, it’s looking set to be a must-see summer event.

Enough blabbering though, onto the images! This year the event was held across two venues, The Laundry and SPACE in Hackney, with the bulk of it featured in The Laundry. The day was warm and bright and it was already buzzing when I arrived. However, down the side of the building was where the real party started…


Underneath the building was a fantastic large industrial space which held a wonderous collection of exhibitors. As with the previous year, ELCAF features a nice mixture of independent publishers and household names as well as emerging new talent and international comics.


There was plenty of great work and novels to see and the place was certainly expansive, I always have to be careful and set myself a budget, otherwise I’ll easily blow a sizeable amount of cash within the hour.


It was good to be able to speak to the artists and illustrators directly as many of them were there in person, it also gave me a chance to get everything signed which is always a nice bonus!



Another thing which I really enjoy is the different treatment of stalls from each exhibitor, some are quietly efficient, letting the work speak for itself. Others go nuts and add their own creative flourishes, there were definitely stands eyeing each other up, particularly ones that channeled strong team spirit with matching team outfits. It was hard to choose, but I have to say my personal favourite stall was PEOW! Studios, lovely work, lovely people and lovely outfits!


I also found a nice little interactive activity at the Jonathan Cape stall, I couldn’t resist and quickly scribbled a doodle. There were plenty of other activities and workshops going on, such as dry clay making and toy hacking. Unfortunately I ran out of time for the activities so I don’t have any pictures, however, you can see my Jonathan Cape doodle below:


Most of the other activities such as guest talks and painting were situated in the SPACE annexe, also home to Steven Guarnaccia’s exhibition, Fatherland. Exploring themes of childhood, father-son relationships and family heritage, the simple presentation of mudane objects created a more sombre affair than the feverish atmosphere of ELCAF, but nonetheless striking.


It was also here that I had my meeting with Sam Arthur, co-founder of Nobrow. The ‘Springboard Meetings’, which are new to this year’s ELCAF, allows people to book spaces to meet various people from industry. I was lucky enough to grab a space with Sam and was a complete nervous wreck when it neared my time. However, he was super lovely and gave me great feedback on my work, I hope they continue doing Springboard Meetings in the future.

So, I believe that’s it for now, I would like to thank Tim Stevens from Anti-Ghost and the guys from PEOW! Studio for letting me take their picture, all the kind exhibitors for spending a bit of their time talking to me, Angela for inviting me down and Ashley for taking the photographs and enduring my vague, erratic art direction. Next week I hope to put up some images from my time at D&AD New Blood, but before I leave you what would a trip to ELCAF be without a shameless ELCAF haul photo?

Until next time!

DefinitelyJenny Loves: Lorna Scobie

Hello everyone! So, continuing with the animal themed posts, I’m going to show another much loved illustrator of mine. Lorna Scobie is a freelance illustrator based in London who loves drawing animals (a girl after my own heart!), using a variety of media to create spontaneous marks and drawings which often befit the subject matter.

Scobie does draw humans but my personal favourites are always her animals, what amazes me is her work ethic and speed of drawing. For example I was lucky enough to participate Scobie’s ‘1 Day’ event in which she challenged herself to draw as many animals as possible in a day. She took open requests from people suggesting what animals to draw (I said polar bear) and then at the end of the day she sold them for £6. And boy did they go quick! I didn’t mange to get the polar bear, but I did manage to grab myself an adorable otter, which I’ll post a picture up soon. For now, I’ll leave you with the digital version:

Pictures taken from Lorna Scobie’s website and Instagram.

UPDATE! Here’s the picture of Lorna’s art next to my Valentine’s Day card from the other half and our little otter, Tarka as promised:

DefinitelyJenny Loves: Faye Moorhouse

Hello everyone! So this DefinitelyJenny Loves shines the spotlight on illustrator Faye Moorhouse. Based in Brighton, Faye is a master of markmarking, especially with her ink/watercolur pieces. A lot of Moorhouse’s work often has undertones of the macabre, which suits the wire like lines and muted tones.

I love the way she creates people, little detail is used, often reduced to inky textures and simple shapes but still retaining a mystique and charm that keeps me looking. One of my favourite pieces is ‘The Cat Ladies of Czechoslovakia’, particularly the pages of the elderly ladies with the cats nestled inside of them. (Last image below.)

Please do check out her work as she does ceramics as well as more light hearted work. (I urge you to atleast check out her ‘Wonky Pet Portraits’!) That’s it for now, till next time…

All images were taken from Faye Moorhouse’s website:

DefinitelyJenny Loves: Dschwen

So a new year has finally begun, doesn’t time fly? Anyway I hope everyone has recovered from all the merriment. This year I’m going to start of with one of my favourite creative design studios, Dschwen. They’ve currently done work for Toyota, Penguin Books and Nature Valley, but my favourite pieces always come from what they call their ‘passion projects’, in particular their short animations. Here’s a couple from their ‘Rechargable Fruit Series’.

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Another couple of my favourites are these two:

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I can’t stop watching them without a little smirk forming on my face. I really like their papercut illustrations too, the studio has a very sleek, but fun style often with smart use of bright colours and wit in their work.

So, I hope you’ve enjoyed looking at these as much as I do, let us hope the new year is even better and brighter than the last! Til next time!

All images taken from Dschwen’s Instagram.

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