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Oh Dear

Hello everyone! Hope you guys had a wonderful Christmas and will have a great New Year’s! This is a video I did in my first year of Graphics, it was supposed to be a light hearted joke about all those language programs that promise that you can learn a whole language in an amazingly short amount of time. Anyway, I know it’s terrible and unfinished, but it makes me laugh everytime. I suppose it just shows how much I’ve improved and where we all had to start at somepoint in our lives. So be merry for New Year’s, whether it from this video or from friends and family. I haven’t quite made my New Year’s Resolution yet, but maybe it’ll include not to make any more abominations.

Thanks to germanpod101, who I used sound clips and the poor lady’s image to make this animation. They still send me automated promotional emails hoping I’d finish learning German.


Moving Swiftly


Hey guys! Busy Easter for me, no rest for the wicked so they say. Anyway, quick post today so I’m going to try and distract you with this dancing bear I drew for a friends birthday present. She likes bears. And dancing. Look at him dance. That’s right. Look at the bear dancing.

Right, that should buy me some time. I’ll see you guys in a week.

(In no way do I condone, encourage or advertise actual bear dancing. I was more inspired by these photos here.)


Animation from Jenny T on Vimeo.

Hey guys, hectic month so far. So much to do so little time as the saying goes. Sometimes I think I’m running before I’m able to walk. However, enough about me, this is a short animation I did for university. The brief was to choose an inanimate object and subvert it any/some way. I thought it would be interesting to have a food packet vomit up its own contents. Thanks to for the royalty free vomit sound effects. I’m trying very hard not to get sued ha. Also thanks to all the new followers I’m chuffed at every new member that comes through and always enjoy hopping around your blogs. I hope to try and update more frequently, but who knows?

Ta ta for now!



…and the awkward moment when you find money that doesn’t belong to you. So first things first, the above is a .gif (click for full/actual size) I made for a project in which we were given a logo and had 25 frames to subvert it in anyway you like. I got given the Natwest logo, which, for those that do not know is a one of the major bank companies, particularly in England. Being a major corporation and with a logo with a somewhat hidden triangle, it seemed obvious that it was part of the illuminati crew, and so I set out to uncover it’s secret ways. Ha, if only, I don’t really know about all this illuminati business, whether it’s real, shaping our lives, brainwashing us or not but either way, if they are; they’re doing a pretty damn good job of it. Arguably, perhaps freedom is just an illusion, perhaps our lives are all pre-determined by some secret society, perhaps not, but so far, if they are they’ve not made themselves so obvious which I think has got to take some smarts. People can only point fingers, but the reality is no one has yet got solid evidence about what this group is all about.

Anyway, on the tenuous link of banks and money, very recently a work mate and I found £10 (Apparently equal to approx. $16) on the floor in the children’s section of our clothing store that we both worked in. After the initial high of finding free money, it suddenly dawned to us that just sliding it into the back of our pockets was a moral minefield. I mean we knew it wasn’t our money, we weren’t the ones dropping money on the shop floor, but unlike a credit card, phone or wallet, there was no way to track the orignial owner. Plus, given the fact it was found in the children’s section of a store we reasoned that it was probably some poor child’s pocket money or hardworking parent that had lost it. We then questioned whether we should hand it to higher authorities, but what was a policeman going to do about it? Start a search party for just £10? Besides, lacking in policeman to hand it into anyway, we then figured maybe handing it to management, but after much deliberation decided against that. Either management would pocket the money themselves or most likely, it would end up going into the actual company’s account. Perhaps the latter would have been the most neutral solution but the reality is, who would do that? Any arguements for that were quickly drowned out by the voice that said ‘finders keepers, losers weepersI mean, we found the money, even it was found in a company workplace.

In the end, I told her that it was up to her with what she did with the money and left her to it.

She was £10 richer that day.


Paddington VS Winne-the-Pooh from Jenny T on Vimeo

Please view in HD as sound quality is much better. We had around 10 days to research and then create two outcomes visualising data. Whilst I’m fairly happy with the outcome there are many things I would change/add given more time. Anyway, I imagined in a world of games, storybook characters decided to up their anny and to get themselves known, jumped into a world of 8-bit madness.

Hope you guys like.
Cedits to and for the soundtrack and sound effects.


I’m still trying to work out how to post videos in, so for now you can have a teaser of these gif. images that I made and feature in my short animation. It’s Pooh Bear and Paddington, what they’ll be doing however, I’ll leave it a mystery for now.

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