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The Ivory Dragon Short Comic

ELCAF The Ivory Dragon Cover

Just a quick post before I have a few days off, first, I’d like to introduce my first short comic that I finished. Titled ‘The Ivory Dragon’, it follows the story of the Knight and his trusty Squire as they do battle against the ferocious Ivory Dragon. It’s supposed to be a humorous short and whilst I made a lot of mistakes, I also learnt a lot from it as well. I know there are some things which are a bit bleugh (top 3rd panels for example), but overall I’m really happy with how it came out. I’m now moving onto the next short comic, which will hopefully be bigger and better (probably with a ton of different mistakes, ha!), but hey, that’s how we learn and I’ll look forward to sharing it with you when it comes. So, in the meanwhile, check out this one – you can see the full thing here.

In other news, I’m also pleased to announce that I will be in this year’s ELCAF as an exhibitor! For those that don’t know, ELCAF stands for East London Comic Arts Festival and I have written about the event before. However, this time instead of just being just a visitor I will be selling my wares, so, keep an eye out as I’ll be posting more closer to the time.

Till next time!


It’s Live! The Colourful Colouring Companion

It’s here, it’s here! A little while ago I was pleased to announce that I was selected to take part in Amelia’s Magazine Colouring Companion and that a Kickstarter would appear soon after. Well, it’s live now and you can check out the project in this neat little introductory video!

For those that don’t know what Kickstarter is, it’s a place where various creative projects are put up and people from around the world can ‘pledge’ a set amount of money towards the project. Depending on how much money you pledge it can entitle you to many juicy rewards like prints, books, back issues of magazine etc and the project will only get funded if it reaches it’s total goal. You can read all of the information on the Kickstarter before you pledge if you are unsure (link below).

Anyway, I’m digressing, I’m super excited for this project and if you’re looking for something unique for Christmas (either for yourself or for someone else) then this would be it. Check it out, there are 40 other illustrators and there are a bunch of interviews on them on Amelia’s website.

If you just want to just straight into the Kickstarter (you eager beavers) the link is here.

Till next time. (More exciting news on the way!)

Amelia’s Magazine | An interview with Jenny Tang: Amelia’s Colourful Colouring Companion featured artist.

With the extra Dogs titled angle flattened ammended FINAL FINAL FLATTENED V2

Hello everyone! It was a little bit of a hush hush, but I think I can finally reveal that I am going to be featured in Amelia’s Magazine! It was a to create a colouring page spread (half coloured, half to be coloured in) for an upcoming adult’s colouring book. There will be a Kickstarter coming soon which I’ll post when it comes, but in the meanwhile I did an interview with Amelia which is now live on her blog. Go check it out! (Extract and link is below):

Jenny Tang contributes a vibrant image to Amelia’s Colourful Colouring Companion, featuring loads of excitable dogs chasing some sausages, I love it! Jenny is a recent graduate of Bucks New Uni with a degree in Graphic Arts and would one day like to get into publishing and editorial…

Source: Amelia’s Magazine | An interview with Jenny Tang: Amelia’s Colourful Colouring Companion featured artist.

Feelings of Paranoia

Image (20) final

I like to think I’m self assured. Not overly confident or arrogant, but just enough faith in myself to know who I am in this world and what I can give it. However a few recent events has shaken that, and I am left feeling hollow on the inside. The first was being (for want of a better word) snubbed by a well established illustrator. I have liked this person’s work for a while now and follow them on a social media platform, mainly I’m quite passive, just liking images from time to time. However, I saw an image and quite liked the technique used in it, and in my curiousity commented asking something along the lines of ‘I love this. I’m curious as to how you’ve done the shading between the top of her head and the bun, don’t worry if it’s a trade secret!’.

I was promptly blocked (at least I think so as this is the first time this has happened) and my email gently requesting a reason was ignored. I know it seems quite trivial in some resepects, but not knowing was eating away at me slowly and it wasn’t long before it became self-destructive. Did I make a digital faux pas? Was it just a simple mistake? I started to overthink, did they think I was plagiarizing? I started to analyse our works and self doubt began to creep in, little similarities suddenly became concrete evidence of my wrong doing. What if they felt I did?

I don’t think I would have minded if they had just said the reason, even if it was something I didn’t want to hear. I’d be upset of course, but at least I would have closure. The other events that have shaken my self belief also have left me not knowing where I stand, which is when I overthink things. I want answers, but I don’t want to be so persistant it becomes annoying or uncouth. Image (21 final)

Image (22) final

These are some sketches I did in the midst of everything. Upon reflection, they’re hurried and unfocused. None of them are smiling. I know I need to get out of this thought process but I’m not sure how, I’m throwing a lot of questions but I’m getting no answers, and that’s the part that’s killing me.

Summertime Madness

Time certainly has flown fast, the nights are arriving quicker and the leaves are already starting to turn. Autumn is nearly here and I am officially about to start my final year of uni. I’ve currently been busy writing my dissertation, working on my portfolio site and finishing up on my summer project, so I’ve had little time to do anything else. I did manage to squeeze in a few promotional illustrations for my Graphic Arts shop, in which we are trying to raise money for our final year exhibition.

They are introducing Paypal, celebrating 100 likes on our facebook page and notifcation of our first market stall on Freshers’ Fair respectively. These were fun and fairly quick illustrations, with sketching, lineart and colouring done in about two days each. My favourite is the middle one though, I got to ‘tattoo’ a random selection of people who liked our page, just as a way of saying thanks.

Anyway, here’s the facebook page link for those that missed it the first time, I appreciate all the support here. Hope to see you soon!

A work in Progress

Hello everyone! Been quite the busy bee as usual, just going to update you guys on what I’ve been up to. I can’t go into exact details as it’s a live brief but I’ve been working hard on some illustrations:

Back plus textures

I’ve never really been on illustrator till now, and I would still consider myself a novice on the program. However, once I got to grips with it, it has been rather enjoyable. The first one is above and the revised one is below. There are still lots of little things I need to tweak but most of it has been done.

Whale 1

Bear picnic 2

Again, sorry for the short post, got some major deadlines going on, so unfortunately I must run. I’ll hopefully see you guys soon!

Christmas Already


Hello everyone! So, Hallowe’en has been and gone, but in retail land it can only mean one thing.

Christmas is a comin’.

Many shops have already begun to stock Christmas items; my workplace being no exception. I had less then a day to generate some Christmas designs for some t-shirts (maybe a card or two as well), I managed to create around six designs; the penguin snowflake above being a boss favourite.

I don’t know about you guys but when I was younger I am sure Christmas came at snail pace, especially on Christmas eve, where even after watching a bunch of films and Christmas specials it only came to 8pm. Now it seems to hurtle towards you 100 miles per hr, whether you like it or not. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s one of the best holidays in the year, always will be, but working in ‘fashion retail’ last year during the festive period, you definitely see the darker side to it all. At least 5 people will hand in their notice either before or after peak retail season, the ones after tend to leave with a haunted look in their eyes, mumbling repeatedly about not being able to do refunds on Boxing day and sorry for the inconvience…

Anyway, let me know what you guys think as always, and hope to see you again soon! Here are some of my other designs, the reindeer couple.




Hello everyone! Busy as usual, but today I manage to do a quick illustration piece as I’ve not really done that in a while. At my work my boss likes to bring their dog in, a Jack Russell Terrier by the name of Oscar Wilde (Wilde being the last name of my boss). A lovely handsome dog, how could I not draw him? I played with the idea of making a stamp or something similar, but I honestly have no idea how to go about doing that. I don’t know whether I’d change the font style if I did either. Anyway, that’s it for now, here’s a picture of him, distracting me at work.


No questions asked

Life is Meaningless


Do you ever get told to do something and it’s so bizarre that you kind of, well, just go along with it? I guess this is what happened when one of my briefs was to create an image which ‘shows a cute inter-species affection between a horse and a puppy’, or something similar to that. And when I mean ‘inter-species affection’ I mean inter-species affection. It then had the very optimistic tag-line ‘Life is meaningless and Everything dies’. While I was a bit apprehensive with such a task, I was secretly intrigued to say the least. There were a quite a few different outcomes, some of which raised the eyebrows of those who overlooked on me drawing, as they silently questioned my morals. This is probably my personal favourite though, a bit more stylised I suppose, but unfortunately wasn’t the one that made the cut.


Sometimes when I have ‘artist’s’ block or just want to draw something for the sake of drawing I often find myself just having 5 minutes of madness and creating weird little monochrome sketches. Usually they are puns, because I loves me some puns. So that’s it artwise so far, I’ve got quite a few big projects coming up so keep checking back, I apprectiate the continued loyalty; especially with my sparse postings. (Anyone who loves routine I appologise profoundly.)

Anyway, today I would like to talk about something that’s not so ‘black and white’, (see what I did there with my tenious links, eh, eh?) and that’s loneliness. Rather, a specific kind of loneliness, not of family or of friends, I am most happy and fufilled with that department, but of that ‘special person’, your ‘other half’ the one that ‘completes you’ (did I just hear someone vomit in the background?). Those of you that have read some of my older posts will know that I dislike posting about personal woes on the internet and I have debated internally about this for sometime now. I guess what finally swayed me is that I remember when I was 15, with a romantic view on life, never kissed a boy and definitely worried (as pre teen girls with no actual worries seem to only care about) if I was attractive enough/funny enough/voluptuous enough/whether I was a freak etc. It is also didn’t help that I had a major image issue about being an asian girl in a mainly caucasian society. In fact, I never realised it till looking back, that this was a very serious problem. I was in a dark place then. But’s that’s a whole different conversation, one including social and cultural elements as well as self-image and am no where near ready to discuss it publically as of yet. Anyway, I digress.  15 and worried I stumbled across an article, which was an interview with a beautiful white woman. I forget most of it but the line I remember vividly was:

‘I didn’t have a relationship till I was 18’.

As sad as it may be to admit this but I felt so comforted by that line. If this beautiful white lady didn’t have anything till 18 (which seem a very long way to go at 15) I still had a good 3 years to find someone. Someone as awkward, asian, flat chested and braced faced as me still had hope. So I hope that when I post this, someone out there may feel somewhat comforted as I did back then. The truth is, I’m 20 and never had a relationship. And I’m lonely because of it.

Now, some of you might not think this was anything shocking, others might whip back in mock horror and say ‘no, really?‘ as I have heard some people say. You might even disregard this whole post, and believe that if you have family and friends you have all the love you need, that what I’m feeling isn’t true loneliness. Hell, even the strong independent woman in me is going ‘gurl, you don’t need no man or woman to make yo self happy.’ Complete with sassy girl finger wag. And I agree, for most part. I am good with life, with friends, with family, with work but I’ve always been and always will be an old romantic. There’s a good reason there’s millions or poems, songs, films, articles and stories all dedicated to that kind of love. And I want a piece of that pie. I don’t need someone, after all, I like to think I turned out pretty well without someone, but I can’t help but occasionally feel that heavy pang right in your chest. I want to give someone that kind of love as much as I want to feel it.

Well, I’m sure I’ve rambled on long enough, time to get back to what matters most; art. Oh, and for those unfortunate people that know me face to face, honestly, do not worry about me, I have so much other things going on that I think that adding another person in the mix will just be too much at the moment.

There’s also a damn good reason why Ben & Jerry’s exists too.

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