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Updates, updates everywhere!

Hello everyone! Many things are happening over at DefinitelyJenny Inc., so I thought I might give you an update on what’s what:

  1. Updated Etsy Shop 

    As the post says, I have been pouring in the hours to fix up my shop and I’ve finally got to a point where I can happily ‘re-open’. To celebrate, I’m giving out coupons for free shipping on all items, just use the code: FREESHIP01 at the checkout. Hope you have a gander, I’m a firm believer in supporting independent stores and every purchase helps the little guys. 😉

  2. ELCAF 2016 

    As with every year I do a write up on one of my favourite summer events, ELCAF as a visitor. However, this time I was lucky enough to be on the selling side, so I’m currently in the midst of writing up how it went down, so a blog post on that should be appearing soon! Here’s a sneaky peak photo of my table for the meanwhile:Elcaf-2016

  3. Blog Maintenance (Bleugh) 

    This blog is has been here for a while and as such there are many photos/images which no longer exist, or are now broken links. I am slowly, but surely going through them and sorting it out!  If you spot anything array, don’t hesitate to leave a comment.

  4. New Short Comic 

    I have managed to squeeze out a new short comic! After my first comic, The Ivory Dragon’  I really wanted to do another one. After some pondering and encouraging words from a follower, I created ‘Legacy’, a comic about a couple of space-faring dogs which stumble across an old science museum. As hinted by the title, the main themes are the past and what we leave behind for the future. There could also be another exciting announcement with the comic, depending on certain circumstances, but I won’t spoil it for now…Here’s a sneak peak at the comic though!cmdnkj8xeae0b7f
    So, that’s just an overview of what’s been happening over the month, many thanks as always for sticking by and hopefully you’ll be hearing more from me soon!


Teaching a Zine Workshop


Hello everyone! I hope everyone everyone is getting geared up for Christmas (or if you don’t celebrate it, a nice day off at the least!) Now I did write up an entire article before, but when I clicked to publish it it failed and for some reason didn’t save my written draft, so I lost every word. Admittedly I felt so frustrated that I refused to look at it for a while. Anyway, so I had to pleasure of being asked to teach a workshop for a local Grammar School with a couple of other students. We had to create three tailored workshops for 3 different groups of 25, so you can imagine it was a busy day! So, we decided on an overall theme of ‘Zines’, now for those that have been following my blog for a while may have noticed the word being thrown about, but I’ve never really stopped and explained what a ‘zine’ actually is.

Zines are short for magazine or fanzine and started around the punk era, when photocopiers made it easier and cheaper to create and distribute publications. It was a way to communicate ideas and topics which were usually outside the standard media. Nowadays it can refer to any self-published work which has a small circulation, and since home printing has evolved since the black and white photocopier, zines are produced in a variety of ways and cover a large range of ideas, narratives and topics. Usually because it’s often on a shoestring budget and comes straight from the artists’ hands, the A6 or A5 booklet remains a popular format, but not limited to.


Anyway, onto the workshop! One of the goals that the teacher wanted us to do was to get the students to produce more imagery using their hands and materials as many of them had become reliant on computers. So, we got them to use markers, paper, card, even stuff from their pockets.At the end of each class we even had a little informal competition and awarded the best zines. Here are a few of my personal favourites:

DSCN9474-web DSCN9580-web DSCN9554-web

However, my all time favourite has to be this one: (Please read!)


So, that’s it really, the students were really lovely and there wasn’t one who didn’t give it a go, which I was probably most worried about. Again, I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and New Year. Till next time.

Time Flies

Hello everyone! Sorry for such neglect, it’s been a busy month, with two intense uni briefs and Christmas coming in! I hope everyone is enjoying the festivities. I’ve been sort of expanding, so I’ll guess I’ll share with you a few things:

@definitelyjenny (instagram)

Ok, technically speaking this apparently isn’t the official instagram, but I have a windows phone and this was the closest I can get. If you’re an official instagram user you can still follow and I can do the same! It just hasn’t got the instagram ‘stamp’ that’s all. Anyway, this is a lot more ‘personal’ I guess and more spontaneous then the blog, I don’t really have a theme apart from anything that tickles my fancy, so have a gander and if you like feel free to follow!


I sometimes (when time will allow) do blog posts at my work’s website blog. It’s mainly restricted to t-shirt related content, but I’d like to think there’s a lot more bad jokes, courtesy of me, so if you love t-shirts and a bit of good ol’e British sarcasm then feel free to have a little look.


This one might take a while, but I’m currently in the works of building a more ‘profesional’ portfolio, it’ll be the best of the best of my work, as although I do like the one here I feel like that it’s more of a taster rather then a fully fledged portfolio. So, I’ll update when I’m ready to unleash it onto the unsuspecting public, but until then, if you want an overview feel free to use the portfolio tab above.

That’s it so far, I’m open to any comments or fellow instagrammers/bloggers etc (just post a link to your stuff and I’ll have a look!) it’s my sister’s birthday so I must dash, but you’ll be hearing from me soon.

The Day I streaked naked through the Zoo

London Zoo Tiger Streak

Photo Courtesy of London Zoo

Originally I wasn’t going to do  a post on this, as I thought it was going to be a quietly publiscised event; after all couldn’t imagine everyone going to the London Zoo website to book a family day out and see this. How wrong I was. Of course I signed a contract to say I gave permission for photos etc, so I am not complaining at all; but the amount of people that contacted me a day after to say they had seen me on the website/newspaper etc naked and running was quite surreal. Which is why I thought, well, might as well say something now. Don’t worry, I won’t show any of the naughtier ones here. Wink.

Overall, it was a bizzare, wonderful, and a really fun event, so thanks to the Zoo for organising it. So, just a few things to sum up the day:

1) Thanks to everyone who donated, so far I’ve raised £220 pounds, and overall everyone together raised £60,000, so well done! P.s it’s still not too late to donate, donations close on the 30th September and you can donate here:, also thanks to Sabine for your donation!
2) What has been seen with these eyes cannot be unseen.
3) Yes, there are naked pictures of me in the news and on the interwebs.
4) No, I’m not telling you which ones they are. (Teehee.)
5) Would I do it again? If it’s for charity, hell yes.

So, that’s that really. I guess, another interesting thing I found was that the average age was proabably 30-60yrs and mostly men (probably about 65% men) as you can see in the photo above. (I’m the lady on the right of the photo, if you’re wondering. Made a new friend there who is the one on the left.) I don’t have a great answer to why that is or why I even find that particular thing interesting, just thought I’d share. We got to see the tigers as well, which was really nice. Beautiful creatures. They estimate that there’s only 300 left of them in the wild, it seems sad, that the world is getting smaller and we’re the only ones getting bigger. Anyway, unfortunately they weren’t close enough to take a decent photo, but all together a well spent evening.

Thanks for reading as always. Back to arty posts now!

For more photos/articles/etc:

Streaking naked through the Zoo

Hello everyone! A post slightly differnent to the ones I usual post today. So I made a promise to myself last year that I really wanted to do more charity work and actually do something. So, (breathe) I’ve decided to run stark naked and streak across London Zoo, to help raise money for the Zoo and the conservation of animals. More specifically tigers. With only 300 Sumatran tigers left in the wild, I hope this event will not only raise much needed funds for ZSL London Zoo but it will also highlight and raise the profile of the drastic work that needs to be done in order to save the Sumatran tiger. And yes, stark naked.

This is my first charity thing so I’m a little ooer. I would definitely appreciate (and the tigers will too, the money that is, not seeing me naked) anything you can give. Or, if you can’t give just share it I will love you all the same. I might do a little something something for all the donaters…anyway, thanks guys as always.

or (not sure if this only works for UK Residents) Text:


£3 (or £5 if you’re feeling generous)


P.S Here is a beautiful drawing which I have clearly spent a lot of time and careful planning on about the upcoming events. Enjoy (?).

Tools of the Trade


Hello everyone! Lot’s of things on the working table, however, today I just thought I’d show you the things I normally use to work with/need in my life. I always find it interesting seeing how people work and what they use. I guess I could have laid out the items a little more cleanly but when I work I’m the annoying person that likes to spread out and end of having a bunch of stuff everywhere. Anyway, so I’ll start at the top left of the image:

1) My laptop. Gateway to the internet and all things awesome. It’s not an Apple Mac, much to the distress of my designer friends, however it does the job and is hooked up with the Adobe suite. Unfortunately it does run on Windows 8, but beggers can’t be choosers.

2) The Red Moleskine of Organisation. This is my weekly organiser, with the all important dates such as ‘getting drunk for Zoe’s birthday’, ‘upcoming uni deadlines’. Honestly though, without it I’d be lost and there will be lots of angry emails and texts regarding forgotten dates. One day you may glimmer inside a week of DefinitelyJenny, but until then.

To purchase your own (although perhaps a bit late in the year): Moleskine!

3) Writing/drawing pad. I have many of these. Far too many. Things to jot down random ideas or varitions. Sometimes I am prone to buying them because it has nice paper, or it’s pretty.

This is not the one shown in the image but Paperchase sell great stationary and sketch books which I am very partial too: Paperchase!

4) Mechanical Pencil. People keep mistaking this as a pen and not a pencil but nevermind. I love this mechanical pencil. I guess I prefer mechanical over non as I am somewhat lazy and dislike having to constantly stop to sharpen my pencil. I also am pretty rubbish at sharpening. I know that sounds somewhat odd, but I always over sharpen it. I’m especially overzealous when I come across those sharpeners with turn handles. They’re always such damn good fun.

To purchase one: Pentel!

5) The Ever Forgiving Rubber.

6) Faber Castell Fine Liners. I dicovered these fairly early on in my life and I’ve not looked back since. They’re pretty good and give out a nice deep black ink. I’ve slowly converted people into using them and away from those ‘Uni-Ball’ pens. I think the only downside is that they are more expensive then most and sometimes when you finished lining a drawing and rub out the pencil lines hard it can lighten the ink a tad. Other then that, they’re a pretty good investment.

Join the dark side: Faber Castell!

So that’s just a little insight to the working mind of DefinitelyJenny. Always good to look and test new products, so recommendations would be great. Sharing is caring after all.

From those I love


My 19th post on the 19th, I promise I didn’t plan that one. Ha, well, today is my birthday, I’ve successfully survived another year, so this will be a short but sweet message to all y’all out there. The above is just a small sample of some of great gifts I’ve recieved today, and I’m delighted at all of them. On the left is a illustration of me by TheInfinitive and the book below was given to me by dear Matthew Potts. The card was signed by a group of friends with the chocolates, so thanks everyone.

On other news, I’m also featured in a news press release which is all quite exciting. If you haven’t done so already, have a look at TheReporterandTheGirl; an interesting and daring look at relationships, in particular an inter-racial one, which was one of the main aspects I was drawn into it. Being an Asian in a mainly ‘caucasian’ population, things were rarely going to go smoothly in one racial direction. My parents never discussed it, so it’s nice to finally explore and talk about the subject. It’s also definitely not sugar coated, which makes it all the more interesting. Till next time.



Hey guys! I have been a busy bee of late, so when the lovely Michael Allan Leonard (Awesome Name is Awesome) presented me with this award back in late January I was very chuffed at recieving such a thing. I even organised a party and acceptance speech, but unfortunately no one showed… I mean, the invites got lost in transit. Anyway, so let’s get this party started, it’s good to be back.

Rules of Very Inspiring Blogger Award:
1.) Display the award logo on your blog.
2.) Link back to the person who nominated you.
3.) State 7 things about yourself.
4.) Nominate 15 bloggers for this award.
5.) Notify those bloggers of the nomination by linking to one of their specific posts so that they get notified by ping back.

Seven things about me:

1. My favourite colour to wear is red, I have a red bike, red notebook, love red lipstick and a traditional red chinese dress (called a Qipao). However, my favourite colour in general is blue.
2. I was born in Bournemouth, England which is near the coast, but I moved to my current residence (High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, England) pretty much soon after and have been there for most of my life.
3. My parents are both from Hong Kong and met whilst both working in the same Chinese Resutrant. My Dad lied about his age to her first time they met. I love them both very much.
4. I love to collect lingerie, and curently have a collection easily worth a small fortune. My most expensive set cost £365.
5. At the moment, my dream is (this is far, far into the future though) to own my own studio/illustration company in an upstairs space, which is shared with other fantastic illustrators/designers whom I have enslaved, I mean hired to do the dirty work. Downstairs would be my own little shop, which would sell cool designer shizz like books, prints, artist’s showcase and other stuff aesthetically pleasing.
6. The three top things I look or value most in a potential partner (be it man or woman) are loyalty (my Mum is one of the most loyal people I know and has stuck with my Dad through thick and thin), wit (a person who can make me laugh and contemplate things in conversation is an attractive quality) and affection (admittedly, I am a touchy feely person and would like it to be recipricated).
7. One day I would like to learn how to pole dance. I joined the society at my uni, but unfortunately lessons clashed in with my work in retail so I could not attend.

Nominees for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award:

I know what you’re thinking, you’re thinking, she’s broken one of the rules, she hasn’t nominated anyone, strip her of her award! Pitchforks and torches ensue. In my defence, I will nominate people but there are no rules in the timing section, so I will nominate (and add a link) when I find one in my own time. After all, most of the blogs I was thinking of nominating have already won various awards, so I would like to give someone out there who perhaps haven’t any chance to win one yet. So when I find them, I will add them in my own timely manner. So feel free to revisit and watch this post.

That’s it for now. Happy belated Valentines Day.

Hello there.

Well, erm, so this is my first ever post. I guess I’ll keep it short and sweet for now, as this is all rather new to me. If you want to find out a little bit more about me feel free to click on “The Artist” tab up top. I had trouble deciding on what layout to chose and almost nearly went for this little beauty:

The child in me said yes, but adult won.
Well, that’s it for now, until I get my head round this place!

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