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New York, New York: Lego

Hello everyone! As you can tell from the title, I am back from New York, and what a trip! I have been debating whether or not to do seperate posts on the matter and I’m still not entirely decided. I will start with this post though.

I was looking for a gift to buy for my other half, and stumbled across a lego store which had a small section allowing you to customise your own Lego minifigure. I started creating his one (which I like to think has some level of likeness), satisfied with the finished product I moved onto mine, and there I realised the problem. For a personalised product it didn’t have any basic pieces, it might just be this store and I know that you’re never going to find the perfect match, but it had no black, blonde or ginger hair, only 2 ‘lady’ bodies, (one of which had some severe cleaverage). I could list more, but that’s why I am wearing a helmet and sporting an bodicious body. Anyway, so that explains that, I then thought it would be nice to make a collection of images with them around places in New York, since he wasn’t able to come.

Here are some of the images:


At the hotel.

WP_20140201_14_44_01_Pro__highres - Copy

Brooklyn Bridge.

WP_20140201_15_27_31_Pro__highres - Copy

In front of the World Trade Center.



Sunset at the top of Chrysler building.



Facing the apartments.


Bagel at Zuckerman’s.


Central Park, at the fountain.



At the Airport.

For those wondering, I took these on my phone, which is a Nokia Lumia 1020 (if I remember correctly). To sum up the trip, it was great to visit, both the agencies we saw (which I might do a post about) and the tourist things we did (including Superbowl!). The people are a lot friendlier then say, London but I don’t think I could ever live there, again I might do a post discussing this point further. The food is amazing, I would recommend any food lover to visit, but the tax definitely catch you out more then once, especially if you’re not used to it.

Well, would love to hear what you guys think, about the photos or New York. Till next time!



Finishing Touches

Book Title

“Do you believe in luck? Do you have a lucky charm that you carry with you at all times? Or do you have a pair of old socks which you believe to have godly, supernatural powers? If so, you are not alone. Whether you think that shiny rock you randomly picked up off the floor the day you got that dream job holds the key to your future, or whether you just think luck is for the foolish; this book is for you. This tongue-in-cheek collection of people and their lucky items can either provide solace for fellow believers or a source of merriment for those that do not.”

Hope everyone has had a great Christmas, I know I have. The above is the title and blurb for my upcoming book, I appologise for those that dislike swearing, I like to try and keep things as family friendly as possible, but in all honesty, I wasn’t planning on aiming this book for children. I have now ‘completed’ the book and it’s now off to the printers, so looking forward to it arriving! There’s only going to be one made so far as I want to see how it prints, see if there’s any rewrites needed ect before perhaps considering to go fully public. So these are just little teasers for now until the final physical version has arrived at my doorstep for reviewing. After all, I only want the best. As with most things, you are probably most critical of your own work so I can only presume once it arrives there will be many adjustments and ammendments to be had, but for now I am happy with the product so far. Again, thanks to my models and thank you to all your support.

P.S Sorry for low res image below, again, I am wary of posting images of my friends/participants online, despite them knowing the images will be used for public consumption. Hope you will understand.

Lucky Fkers Cover

Moving On

My Mum always said that in order to truly appreciate the highs, you must crawl through the lowest points in your life. As a child I thoroughly disregarded this information because I was lucky enough not to have terrible childhood, mind you, there were problems, but overall, I was sheltered from many of life’s tragedies. It was only till I got older did I realise that the world could be cruel, however, like I said in the previous post, there are also some wonderful things and people out there.

Things are still a bit hectic around here, so I appreciate everyone’s patience. I’m at my lowest point, I think, I’ve been in a long time. I won’t go into to much detail, I believe that the internet is not a place for personal woes. Some may disagree but that’s just my opinion. Despite this things are looking up, I’m saying good bye properly to my old flat tomorrow. On the left is my old flat, with the carpet stripped and the wallpaper scraped off, it had a strange emptiness to it. However, I recently invested in a bike as I can’t afford to drive and I’m quite looking forward to cycling. I haven’t ridden since I was a kid and childish excitement and glee have slowly crept back into my life. I thought this would make a good contrast in my photograph which I took with my phone (back when I had one) and I suppose it’s a reminder that, even when you reach the bottom, things can only get better.

Finding home

Home. What does that word mean? Lately I’ve been trying to work that one out. My current flat had been flooded and subsequently I’ve been evicted by the landlady in order to do refurbishments; after that she’s planning to sell the place so unfortunately I can no longer live there.  So, I’ve been hopping from various spare rooms, beds and sofas from my gracious friends, who I owe dearly. Unfortunately, it’s also why I haven’t been on my blog for a while as I haven’t had a chance to go on a computer with internet access till recently, new posts are going to be a bit sparse until I settle down somewhere new. Anyway, despite feeling tired and displaced I realised looking back now, I never left home, perhaps not home in a ‘building’ sense but through this process I realised how many good people I’ve met and love, who have given me a bit of their home for me to share, even if was only for a night. As long as I have good friends and family nearby I will always feel at home, because, you might have a fancy flat with all the bells and whistles or you might just have a rock to your name, it’s the company that make a house a home.

The photos above are photos of High Wycombe, the area I live and study, I took them during my foundation year but never really showed them to anyone till now. Enjoy.

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