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Printing A T-shirt

Hello everyone! Today I’m going to give you guys a overview in how I currently print a t-shirt at my work place. There are many different ways of printing a design on a t-shirt; they all each have their own pro’s and con’s which hopefully one day I’ll get round to explaining in more detail to you guys. Anyway, the main way in which we print our t-shirts is called ‘Direct to Garment’ also known as DTG, however first things first, setting up an appropiate document file. Everyone has their own way of drawing/creating an image, mine is to first sketch out a design on paper, as seen in the image below.


After I finish sketching out the image, I get a black fineliner and ink over it to create the final line. Once I’m happy with the image, I will import it into the computer by using a scanner at 300dpi. (300dpi creates a high quality image and is considered a nice amount of detail to work with in photoshop.) I will then open the image up in photoshop and make any final edits, such as cleaning lines up, making it darker, removing the background etc…I won’t go into much detail as everyone has their own way of editing an image, but if you want to know more, just let me know in the comments and I can post a more ‘in depth’ post.

After final edits I save the file as a .psd with a transparent background. The final image looks like this (it does have a transparent background, however in this scenario it has taken on the white, if that makes sense?) :


Yippee! After all that work on the image you definitely can’t wait to see it go on a t-shirt now can you? Well, the next step is uploading it onto the printer software, arranging printer settings and placing a t-shirt on the printing plate you’re ready to go!

The blank t-shirt goes into the printer and a layer of ‘pre-treatment’ is sprayed on. This ‘pre-treatment’ helps the ink stick to the fabric and holds the ink in shape, preventing it from bleeding into the fabric’s fibers. The printer then acts like a inkjet printer, in which the printing head puts down ink on the t-shirt with each pass over the fabric. The t-shirt is then carefully put into a large dryer at 150 degrees, and depending on how much ink is put down on the t-shirt  will determine the length of time it’ll stay in for.


Ta-da! T-shirt is now out of the dryer and ready to wear! So, some pro’s and cons: Pro’s are that this printer is pretty fast and can do many unique designs in any order (for a store that has over 100 plus printable designs, this is perfect). It also doesn’t create that much waste in comparison to say, silkscreen printing and is arguably more managable. Con’s, doesn’t do very well in printing really detailed imagery on a dark coloured t-shirt such as photographs and well, doesn’t do well on most dark coloured t-shirts unless the designs are really simple or just involve one colour. Also, the white ink contains a sediment which makes the design quite tacky/sticky. This is fine in small doses, but designs which have a block of white can become quite sticky. If you want a soft, non tacky print, discharge inks or silkscreen prnting are probably more up your street, however they also have their own problems.

Anyway, I hope you found that informative, if you have any questions feel free to comment below!


Wear the Bear Competition


Hello, hello, and hello! First things first, in a couple of posts down I mentioned that I accepted a job as a t-shirt designer. It’s been a month now and I am enjoying it thoroughly. I get to drink tea and eat lots of cake, oh and occasionally do some designing. So far there has been a dog falling through the ceiling, being threatened by Hell’s Angel Bikers, and laughing at a previous t-shirt design about pubes. It’s all jolly good fun. I’ve been hush hush about it as I guess a part of me was worried that for whatever reason the job might fail; so I waited until I was fully settled before announcing it. I was wrong to worry. To celebrate, I’m giving away a free t-shirt designed by yours truly! ‘What’s the catch?’ I hear you cry, watching me with suspicious eyes.

Well, my dear reader, there is but one.

There can be only one winner and I’ve hidden a Secret Word somewhere in the last 6 posts (including this one). You must find this Secret Word and EMAIL it to me (let’s not ruin the fun for others, even if there’s already been a winner) at Failure to do so, and I will not count you as a winner (even if you did get the right Secret Word). If no one has found it within 3 days I will release a clue and will keep doing it until someone finds it. When that clever person locates it they will be announced a winner in the next post.

For those that either can’t be bothered, have money, didn’t win or maybe all free you can purchase my bears through these lovely links:

Mens T-shirt            Ladies T-shirt

All clear? Any questions feel free to leave a comment. And now I leave you with some happy customers who wear the bear with pride. If you have one of my bears I would love to recieve pictures in their new home, so feel free to email me some! I’m thinking when I accumulate a few more I will make a wall of fame bears, showcasing the people who I owe a special place in my heart; you my fellow readers. N’awww. (Did I just hear someone vomit?) Anyway, happy hunting.

EDIT 17/06/13: 1st Clue, where four bears guard a diamond skull, that is where you’ll find the secret word!

EDIT: 02/07/13: 2nd clue, go to the man in the brightly coloured shirt, he will show you the way.

EDIT: 18/07/13 Unfortunately the competition is closed for now, keep checking though, as it may reopen!

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