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Before Adobe


Hello everyone! Busy as usual, heavy workload in regards to uni work, but I’m also spending a bit of time guest writing for another blog. Anyway, I had a class exploring grids, layouts and basic typography, which in all honesty was a tiring but rewarding journey. My tutor has a disdain for our generation’s reliance on programs like Adobe InDesign, and believes we have lost our ability to ‘see’. Whilst she can admit the benifits of new software (I think even she can see that even after the workshop 95% of us will crawl back to InDesign, the convenience is just too great!) I think the lack of basic or arguably traditional training has lead to many sloppy layouts.

So, notching up to well over 10hrs of cutting, taping, reviewing, agonising and cursing, I’d like to say I have reached an amicable relationship with typography. Trying to focus on each individual letter and the spaces between each one is, admittedly quite hard going. I still think it will be my weakest asset but I’m looking forward to continually improving.


Oh, and we even got a lovely test at the end. And no, you can’t sneak a peak at my answers.



The Future

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Hi guys! Busy as usual, I’ll show you one of my current projects that I worked on for uni. The brief was to do a ‘portrait of the future’, so I decided to do an interactive book (descision flow chart?) in which it was from the ‘past’ (our present) to the reader in the future. They had to answer questions about themselves and at the end based on what route they went reveal my predictions. I did not want to portray one version or my own version of the future. The future has all kinds of possiblities and I wanted to present this idea instead.

The project was quite hard as organising was a logistical nightmare. Everything had to go somewhere, whilst still making (somewhat) logical sense. I decided that although the project was about the future, personally, this project was about me improving my typography, layout and InDesign skills. (Hence the wildly varying styles and typefaces.) It well recieved on the critique yesterday which I was pleased about. The book has 40 pages, and 5 different ‘endings’. I wanted to export the pdf. so that you guys can have a play around, but unfortunately InDesign does not wish to follow this command.

Anyway, I hope you guys like and spark a few conversations of what the future might hold for us.

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Sad Endings

Bike final A1

As some of my older followers will know I had a tough time earlier in the year with everything around me, and I invested in a bike as, well, I suppose as a way of symbolising hope in the near future. I met these amazing people in my local bike shop as a result and I created this poster as a thanks. I was going to send them the above version, however realised it had spelling errors so I fixed it and the following version can be seen in my portfolio. However, when I printed it off and trekked over a few months later I discovered it closed and abandoned, with a note on the window explaining that due to the hard economic climate; the shop, like so many others in the high street, had to be closed. I had to peer through the windows in disbelief  just to make sure, I knew it was silly. Of course I wasn’t I going to find Andy the bike man suddenly appear and tell me they managed to find enough money to reopen. I guess, they had been there for so long and had so much life in them. It was strange to see such an empty, dark version of what was once was. I hope that Andy and all the other employees of Freewheelin’ have found better and brighter things.



I certainly do. Still a busy week today, but things are moving fast and there will be lots to show hopefully in the upcoming months. My line of work is very fast paced and unfortunately there are lots of projects both self initiated and not that I wished I could have had gone further. It could be for a number of reasons, time, didn’t match client’s taste, ended up going in a different direction or it was logistically difficult. The top image was for a student handbook showcasing the internet’s best blogs and sites to go to. Unfortunately a mixture of time and other ideas cropping up stopped this idea going any further then this.


Trending was a name/’brand’ that I came up with for our 1st year Graphics group. It was a name that was supposed to represent us collectively and was meant to represent upcoming and ever evolving talent. Unfortunately it didn’t work out and another name was finally settled.

As always, thanks for everyone new following and those still loyally watching, it’s good to see all your comments and opinions. Till next time.

Fast Food Art


So, I suppose unintentionally keeping with the fast food theme, here’s some logos I designed for a seperate brief. For this one we were grouped with other members from different ‘Media and Design’ related courses, such as Creative Advertisement (notorious for being a rambunctious lot but nevertheless great fun), Textiles (an oestrogen filled course reknowned for their bitchiness  inclination towards gossip) and Spatial Design (a quiet lot but perhaps they are more interested in their surroundings). We were then asked to take something from modern day e.g Facebook and put it in any country and/or time period of our choosing. My group chose to place Mc Donalds in 18th Century Greece. Which brings us to the logos, which I had the responsibility of designing. I argued that if we were to place Mc Donalds in our time period it would be very unlikely that it would even be called that considering it’s a Scottish (I think) surname. So, we came to the conclusion of Hermes, which was the greek messenger and the ‘trickster’ which I found an appropiate substitute for the clown/trickster mascot Ronald McDonald as well. I thought it would also be nice for a subtle referance to McDonalds, which is why I included the Golden Arches a la Greek Style.

Speaking of fast food art I have felt the slight pressure of posting on a more regular basis. I mean, no one has actually said, “geeze Jenny, but I really think you should be posting on a more regular basis”, however, I have heard from around the grape vine that this is a more encouraged format. But is it really? I mean, do you, the audience care? For me, what ever comes up on my reader, I will er, read. I don’t really notice if a blogger has missed their Monday-ly post and stop following them. Or maybe that’s just me. Mind you, I’m not slandering any dedicated souls who stick to regular postings, in fact I probably admire them more for being much more organised. I guess regardless I will always be that spasmodic blogger who’ll pop up on your reader when you least expect it. Less to do with the fact that I’m not organised and more to do with the fact that blogging for me is one of my escapes in life. I deal with a lot of deadlines and so I’d rather not add another one. This is something I can do at my own leisurely pace, pour my thoughts and reflections without having to worry whether I’d write it in time for Tuesday.

Anyway, I’m babbling now, so I’ll leave you with the ‘ones that didn’t make it’. Ta ta.

Something Different

Did a lesson in InDesign today at uni. Just played around with some of the features and layouts. For those that aren’t in the know, InDesign is a program by Adobe which helps you create layouts for books and magazines or for web. You can do illustrations on it but mainly it’s there to create layouts. I decided to do an adult’s ‘alphabet book’ just as a basic idea. No more ants or apples for us I’m afraid. I was going to do words that clearly aren’t for children like ‘adultery’ or something for humor, but in the end decided against that. I may get back to this idea, I may not, but for now it was just as a basis for finding my way through InDesign.

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