Below is my older work (A-Levels), if you would like to see up to date work please click here and it will take you to my online portfolio!


25 thoughts on “Portfolio

  1. […] Portfolio. Spreading the love. […]

  2. OMG. Please to be adding something. I just pressed this thing out. 😀

    • Haha! Oh wow, I’m very flattered thank you! You might just be the motivation I need to update my Portfolio. 🙂

      • I can sometimes have that effect on people. 😀
        Now. Teach me to draw. Begin.

      • Well, it worked. It’s small and needs refining but I have the beginnings of a portfolio. So, cheers. In return I shall teach you the secrets of drawing.

        Ok, first, hold a pencil in your hand, mouth or foot. Place pencil onto a markable surface such as paper. Move erractically.

        You are now an artist.

  3. Was interested. Blank. Shocking! Let me know when you have some stuff posted.

    • I know I know, you’d think I’d have basics covered but I guess I never got round to it. Till today that is. It’s only the start and needs refining but at least I won’t feel guilty seeing the empty page evertime I log in.

      Thanks for visiting and following!

  4. Hah! Well done. I though you were gonna say draw from the shoulder. 😀

  5. Ryan Naylor says:

    Love your variety.

  6. Love the little red bike story. I shared it w. my friends as there is a general “bike mad” theme.

  7. Kreedos says:

    Dig the work for sure.

  8. Biking is biking however you do it. Better that you are.

  9. A4man says:

    ah, great blog. awesome work! Thanks for the follow too!

  10. Le Clown says:

    I think it’s high time (again) that your work gets a place somewhere on A Clown on Fire…
    Le Clown

  11. I love your work! You’ve inspired me to draw tonight instead of being lazy and watching TV. 🙂

  12. PenMan says:

    The bear is my favorite. It reminds me of my brother. ^_^

  13. avsweb1 says:

    Glad I found you! Love your work. I am now following your blog.

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